Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 26

Next up was Mr. Diggle, and the twins dealt with him by means of a rather complex befuddlement charm - Harry could tell it was complex because of the astonished exclamation Hermione gave, and that Filius Flitwick was nearly bouncing in his chair in glee. Harry, of course, had no clue about exactly how difficult it was - but from the other reactions, he gathered that it was notably difficult and interesting. In that particular brand of interesting that both Hermione and Prof. Flitwick seemed instinctively attracted to, at any rate.

The next trap was a lot more difficult. For one thing, these were the first two who were hiding. Rather surprisingly, Harry thought - didn't anyone know the basics of strategy around here? Perhaps they had all been underestimating the Twins. Or, Harry frowned, perhaps not everyone wanted them kept out of the might explain Dumbledore's positioning - that or he figured his reputation might cause the Twins to stop. If so, he was sorely mistaken.

It was difficult at first to tell who was shooting - red and grass green bolts flew out of narrow, arrow-slit windows in the alley. The twins, taken by surprise, had barely gotten a shield up in time. They were back to back, defending each other, and were quite clearly on the backfoot. "Strategy Bat!"** One twin cried, and the other said, "Time to fly, fools!"***

The camera did not follow the twins running towards the other end of the alley. Instead, Harry heard Arthur's voice, sharper than usual, less diffident, say crisply, "Pursue?" Molly's broad contralto rejoined, "Of course!"

The camera continued on, as Harry felt his heartbeat begin to rise. It was one thing to fight two on one, or two on two, but with two snipers to their back? It was a risky gamble... Harry's breath quickened in anticipation.

**bat out of hell.

***LOTR reference, naturally.

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