Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 229

Harry Potter hadn't considered what the next day was going to be like. He hadnt' thought about it at all, just gotten up to his bed and collapsed. He woke early in the morning, and was out the door before most of Gryffindor had woken up. He was glad, if it was a rather belated observation, to realize that his lack of sleep (and subsequent meanderings) would be much better tolerated if he did it during daylight. When there was no especial reason not to comply, he would do as suggested.

Snape was his usual crotchety self, sending Harry scampering along treelimbs and between treetrunks. Harry just knew he had twigs in his hair. (Better not let Malfoy see - he'd never let me live it down) His quick feet having left Snape finally behind (at least he hoped, as he hadn't heard or felt any curses at his back in the past quarter mile or so).

Romilda Vane was in his path, wearing what might pass for "running clothes" in the notoriously stodgidy Wizarding World. Namely, bloomers that went down to her ankles. "Hiya Harry! Mind if I join you?"

Which, to the point, Harry did. It would be rude to outpace her, and... "If you can keep up..." Harry said, grinning.

Romilda jogged beside his easy pace, but as soon as she opened her mouth, he sped up. "Harry, what's your favorite class?"

"Easy! DADA. What's it like with Tonks?" Harry responded, speeding up again.

"I'm not with Tonks, I'm just a year behind you!" Romilda said, and Harry, wanting to avoid the awkwardness, poured on the speed.

Romilda was left in the dust, and Harry - aching and tired - limped his way up to Gryffindor Tower for a wellneeded shower.

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