Nobody ever asked my birthday


Harry Potter was early at breakfast, his mind more focused on classwork than it had been - which, of course, only told him how much he had to do.

That was what you got for ignoring classes entirely for a whole week.

Harry scrawled answers to the Charms homework while eating a scone. Hermione joined him quickly, looking surprised that he was up that early. Halfway through, Harry looked up and whispered at Hermione, "The second part of Gantz's Law?" Then, of course, he realized that Hermione had been reading more than eating, so she hadn't heard.

Surprisingly, Neville (when had he gotten here?) looked over and said, "Transfiguration reverts in time, guided by the amount of magic poured onto something. There is no true permanent Transfiguration."

Harry blinked, "Then how do you explain the castle."

Apparently, their conversation had gotten Hermione's attention, as she looked up from her book. "It's really quite fascinating! The magic is drawn from all the students, into a perpetual motion machine powered by us all."

Harry whispered, "So a Hogwarts without students..."

Neville nodded, and Hermione continued, "Would not be a Hogwarts at all."

At this point, Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown plonked themselves down, and everyone realized they had five minutes to finish eating. What followed was a delicious, frantic scramble.

Because they'd been talking, Harry wasn't nearly first at the Defense classroom. Instead, he walked in on, well, a pile of girls (mostly Hufflepuffs, with a scattering of Ravenclaws and Slytherins) trying their best to outcompete each other for Malfoy's attentions. Malfoy, of course, looked like he might die from boredom.

Of course, that situation only lasted until they saw Harry. The Ravenclaws fairly flew at him - and at first he was concerned that they were going to compete for his attention, but then Chang grabbed his hand - and with her tug, he belatedly realized what they wanted.

They wanted him with Draco, of course.

Draco Malfoy gave a snort, "We broke up. Didn't you see us yesterday on the Quiddich pitch?" No one was watching us yesterday.

Harry Potter took that as his cue, and started backing up, tugging Chang back with him, "No, I'm not going to kiss and make up, not for love or money." Harry executed a perfect about face, only to see ... Ron, and Hermione - and Ginny behind them. Thinking quickly, Harry ripped his hand out of Chang's loose grip, and made for the door. As the Gryffindors (wisely) parted around him, he winked at Hermione and Ginny, and muttered, "April Fools."

Naturally, Harry was not watching where he was going, so of course his luck held true. As he whipped his head back around, all he saw was black fabric. Rapidly receding black fabric, as Snape backpedalled. I don't blame him, who would want to be knocked over by a kid half your age and size? While you were walking into class?

Snape sneered, "Is there some reason you are exiting the classroom? Are you really so eager that you're heading to your detention five hours early?"

Harry gulped, shook his head, "No sir, sorry sir, avoiding a bit of an altercation sir."

Snape snorted softly, "It would appear that the Defense Classroom is exactly the place for an altercation. With a teacher present, of course."

Harry just nodded, turning around and doing his best to glide into the classroom. He'd been humiliated enough, for one day.

[a/n: Harry says frantic. I said frenetic, but that's not a word he knows. Sometimes I hate writing from his perspective.

Up Next: more monday. Snape's class, and then Defense Association.

Reviews mean so much to me - do you think Draco and Harry's playacting worked? Will it just make the lovelorn girls that much more determined?]