Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 219

Harry Potter had arrived back in class, as had most of the students, just in time to be dismissed. It wasn't a deliberate slight - the only people who hadn't come back at all were either lost (probable in Boot's case, the lickspittle...), or had failed to catch anything at all. That was more probable with Seamus, whose temperament seemed the type to scare cats. And he seemed like the cheerful type who'd still be rigging up some sort of trap to capture animals that truly didn't like him.

"Dismissed," Snape said, "Two feet of parchment at least on what you learned today." Oddly enough, Snape didn't even stand to dismiss people, so most of their eyes were on the ceiling. And a good thing too, as who really wanted to stare at Snape's plaid socks? Must have gotten them as a gift from McGonagall.

A bit concerned, Harry was about the last person to leave. Except, well, he really didn't leave. He waited for Snape to acknowledge him.

"Potter, get out of here. Any questions you have can wait until another day." Snape sigh-snarled, his voice mildly irritated.

Something was definitely wrong.

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