Nobody ever asked my birthday

A little whisper in the dark

Hermione didn't know who was doing it, but someone at the Breakfast table was whispering. It was pitched to be very, very annoying - like a whispering of leaves that obscured what everyone else was saying.

However, the odd thing was that she couldn't figure out who was doing it.

It seemed to be coming from off to her left, on the same side of the table she was on.

There were fifty Gryffindors that way.

Hermione finished eating quicker than usual - it made it very difficult to think, that whispering.

She stalked out of the Great Hall.

Hermione went up to the Library.

The whispering started up again - only this time it seemed to be coming from the stacks. With a glare, she carefully closed the book she was reading, and stalked through the stacks.

It was a Saturday. People who were studying tended to simply be reading for recreation - not surfing stacks to find more reference material.

The whispering was weird, too. It seemed to move - not with her, but sporadically.

Someone was there, whispering at her.

Loudly, too.

She hadn't realized she'd skipped lunch, until Harry showed up. She'd still been stalking the stacks.

"Hermione!" Harry said, seemingly effortlessly finding her in the stacks. "No books yet?"

Hermione shook her head. "I just... keep on hearing this infernal whispering."

Harry ran a hand through his hair. "Huh. Your ears must be better than mine. I don't hear anything at all."

Hermione said, "I can't study like this!"

Harry nodded, "Then its time to leave the library. I've heard that music can be good for studying - take the materials you've got, and we can see if it really works."


"Besides, I've got my own Charms homework to work on." Harry said. "And wouldn't it be magical if we could use music to improve timing for Potions?"

Hermione started to grin, "Okay, now I'm definitely coming." Hermione threw her books in her bag, and stalked out beside Harry.

"Seventh floor?" Harry asked.

Hermione shook her head, "Someplace more private. There's a classroom on the eighth floor that I like. It's airy and with a nice view."

They'd climbed around four stories, discussing inconsequential (but fun!) things, when Hermione said suddenly, "Huh. It stopped."

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