Nobody ever asked my birthday


Harry, even while preoccupied, retained the good sense to notice when his friends were talking about him behind his back. That was the case as of now, though Harry couldn't possibly be upset - he bloody deserved it. And he knew just what it was about, too. He had said he was going to talk to Hermione, and hadn't done. She wanted to confront him about it, but Ron was having none of it. Harry had to smile, even as he hurried up to his bed - his friends were so predictable. But it wasn't like that was a bad thing. They cared, after all.

Harry had some caring to do too, he thought, as he started in on another week's notes from the Twins. They had possibly gone overboard with the details, however amusing they were. Reading wryly about both Fred and George becoming weightless, and thinking of astronauts as they struggled to tie themselves to their potion-station (which, unlike the ones at Hogwarts, wasn't so nailed down...).

Some people were Captains of Industry - the Twins were Captains of Chaos.

Harry wouldn't have had it any other way. At least now that they were in the Order, they had specialty requests.

Harry'd noticed a strange thing too - from the start of this year, and no earlier, someone had been sending the Twins owls. It wasn't in the vein of requests - that'd be normal, there was always someone who had a good joke. No, someone was sending improvements. Only, Harry frowned, it was hard to tell from the specifics what the point was. Not thrift, as some improvements were quite expensive. Not the War, because some of them were just whimsical. And a few of the suggestions seemed dead useful.

Harry still wanted to know who was doing it.

[a/n: Reviews? I know I haven't put more than one note from the Weasleys in, so far, but they've been sending them frequently. Harry's skimmed them more than read them, which is why you haven't got much of a description before now.

And that so wanted to be redoubtable Ron, the first time I mentioned him. Harry, why don't you know English!?]