Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 156

Harry spent a good thirty minutes after his detention carping about it to his friends. He'd forgotten, really, how much fun it was to get rid of frustration like this - to know that his friends would have a good listen. Hermione would tell him he was blowing things out of proportion (or, more rarely, that he was completely misunderstanding the situation). Ron would simply growl at whichever Slytherin Harry was currently mad about.

And, in this case, Harry Potter felt he was justified in being upset at Draco Malfoy. He'd let his tongue get the better of everything, and said something he probably shouldn't have in the library (where stacks could shield many prying eyes)... "If we're going to be training with him...Why does he have to act like such an absolute git?"

Time seemed to stop, at least for Harry Potter. Hermione, as well, from how her breathing had stopped. Ron just looked at both of them. And then looked again. He smiled, and said, "You're not planning on leaving me out of this, are you?"

"Of course not!" Hermione said stoutly.

"It's just that ... we were told not to learn what you've learnt, and ..." Harry Potter paused.

"Not sure it'll be that easy for you to learn what we've learned either." Hermione finished.

Ron Weasley just looked at them.

"But whenever he's there, we won't be working on our... specialties..." Hermione said quickly.

Ron nodded slowly, and everyone began to breathe again. Harry Potter went back to ranting about Malfoy, and Hermione only said twenty minutes later, "you don't think he was acting, do you?"

At which point, Harry Potter wanted to kick himself for having spent nearly an hour being upset about something Malfoy hadn't really meant in the first place.

Ah, well, frustrations that get poured out to friends are infinitely better than being caught fighting in the halls, Harry thought with an inner impish grin.

Harry Potter hoped to a fever pitch, that Snape would be back tomorrow. He really, really didn't fancy spending another three hours staring at a wall.

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