Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 31

"Ignis" Harry said, his whispered spell setting the tar aflame. He rolled, as he'd been taught, the burn leaving a red welt encircling his leg. Still functional, so bully for him.

Harry sent a whirlwind after Snape, his wand following it with a slight summoning spell. There! He had it.

Snape dealt with the whirlwind - a particular spell to quiet the air, and Harry tensed. Snape started incanting, a long spell that Harry Potter knew well. It was not something he'd expect to see in any battle ever - but that was part of the point. This was a blunt challenge, and Harry raised his wand, beginning to transfigure the ground under Snape's feet. Carefully, carefully, Harry sent out his magic, deliberately undermining the floor. "Avada Kedavra," Harry Potter cast, to the absolute astonishment of everyone in the room (Harry knew it was unlikely to kill Snape, as he hadn't been thinking of Snape in the first place, and magic was all about intent - but of course, Snape wasn't (currently) in his mind.)

Snape ducked into a rough squat, which was exactly what Harry Potter had intended. Because the instant that Snape dodged the curse, the floor gave out beneath him.

Harry Potter struck a pose, looking valiant and vainglorious - except to Moody, who could see Harry's wandwaving. Harry gathered his energy, spun the spell, and held it on the tip of his wand. It was excruciating, and glorious at once.

Snape sprang out of the hole Harry had so kindly dug for him - but not at Harry, as Harry had been expecting. Harry's eyes widened, as he rolled left, taking cover behind a QueenAnne sofa. "Fulgur Catena," Snape bellowed, and Harry flattened himself to the floor, releasing the spell he had cast as he cowered under the ice wall he had meant Snape to run into.

"Petrificus Totalis" Harry said softly, as he sent the hex at the mirror he had arranged to point at the back of Snape's head. And then Harry bolted toward Snape, in a full on attack that was purely Muggle. Snape pivoted at the sound, his face turning into a truly wolfish grin. "Really, Potter?" he asked skeptically - even down a hand from the Petrificus, Snape clearly felt he was more than a match for Potter. Which was probably true, Harry thought - unless I get in close.

[a/n: Yes, well, they could be doing straight up magical fighting. Instead, they're doing this. And having more fun to boot.

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