Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 213

Hermione Granger wasn't the best person to teach a class. She had a tendency to get derailed onto irrelevancies, and often came up with explanations that were word for word from the book. However, what she lacked in talent, she more than made up for in enthusiasm.

Harry kept a mental tally of the spells that she was demonstrating, knowing that most of the room would need to practice them for a week to get good at a single one. Of course, it would be Harry's job to prevent Hermione from launching herself at new spells at the next practice session.

Still, because she was going to have to show them again (and again. And Again), he didn't really need to pay attention. He focused his eyes on Draco Malfoy, curious to see. You know, when not in Potions (where it seemed Draco had most things already memorized) or Care (where Malfoy spent most of his time making fun of Hagrid, and as much as Harry liked Hagrid, he had to admit that occasionally Draco had a point. A very mean point, but still).

Turns out, that when Draco Malfoy wasn't busy showing off, he acted remarkably like Hermione Granger did while learning. Took notes quietly, listened attentively, attempted the spells without being unduly successful.

Absolutely NONE of which was helpful, for Harry Potter didn't want to teach Draco Malfoy anything. He wanted a ... favor. A something, at any rate. And if he didn't phrase this just right, Draco Malfoy would blow him off, he just knew it!

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