Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 304

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy had taken a turn, and then two on the dance floor - as the next song came on, it was a polka. "I don't know how to dance this." Harry admitted.

"Just follow me," Draco Malfoy said, his breath warm on Harry's ear. "Jump!" Draco said, and the sprightly music began to sparkle around them. Harry had hold of Cho Chang beside him, and Draco was holding onto Sue Bones. But it'd seemed the entire room had joined - even Ron, who hated dancing above most things.

At the end of the dance, Harry announced cheerfully, "I need a drink!"

"Second that," Draco Malfoy said firmly, and they both headed over to the drinks table. Of course, if they hadn't been so loud and overt about it, Harry thought, they might have been able to dodge Pansy Parkinson.

"Dra-co honey, why didn't you tell me? A bet's a bet, and you know I wouldn't want to make trouble." Pansy Parkinson said in a sultry voice.

"You're always trouble, Pans. I see you coming." Draco Malfoy smirked.

"Well, I certainly wouldn't have been about to send a letter off to your father, if I'd known why you did it." Pansy sniffed.

"You wouldn't send a damn thing to my father, and we both know it. You'd have sent it to the Prophet, and let all the chips fall where they may."

"True enough. Still should have told me, though."

"Didn't think this one through enough, I suppose," Harry put in, looking a bit chagrined.

Pansy let out a light sigh, and pouted a bit, "I'll take care of it. But you owe me."

"Always, Pans, always. Since the time I smashed a dragon on your head and sent you unconscious." Draco Malfoy said. Harry Potter just stared, eyes wide.

As Pansy sashayed off, Ron and Hermione came over, "Mate! This was the best prank ever!" Ron said affably.

Draco Malfoy said, voice like ice, "Well if it isn't the Weasel, come to pretend that he knew it all along."

Ron shot Draco Malfoy a surprisingly civil glare, "I like to think my best friend would have told me if he was going to date his mortal enemy."

Harry Potter just started cracking up laughing, "Mortal enemy? Draco Malfoy?! Try Voldemort."

Draco Malfoy tried to hide the bright sensation of pain, but Ron's steady, considering eyes on him said he'd failed. Draco met Ron's with a confrontational glare.

"Just so you know where you stand." Ron Weasley said heavily.

"Bet it gets the birds off my back, though," Harry said, "Bright side to everything, even losing a bet." Harry was hoping that Malfoy would know better than to correct him.

Suddenly, the music stopped. As if someone had cut the strings. Harry's brief glance towards the musicians showed them stopping playing after they had been silenced.

The dance floor was filled with people in circles, now starting to shift uneasily and almost break up.

A bright spot of light suddenly illuminated the center of the dance floor. Neville Longbottom stood there, with Luna on one side, carrying a harp, and Finnegan on the other side, with a bohdrin.

The people on the dance floor turned to them, and the room seemed to hold its breath.

Neville opened his mouth and sang:

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

Will you bring them smiles and good cheer,

Or will you quake with fear?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

When it's time to bend the knee or fight

Will you do what's right?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

When there's nothing to do but scream

It won't be just a silly dream...

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

Death Eaters at the door, are you listening?

It wasn't a minor key, nor was it a major one, wandering between jangly notes. Finnegan's soft drum didn't overwhelm Longbottom's voice, and Luna's golden harp made glistening bridges of notes, that she let collapse again and again.

Harry's eyes flashed at Dumbledore, whose eyes seemed delighted... and surprised. "Thank you very much for that, I always encourage creativity from our students..." Dumbledore pulled at his beard, "I daresay this is more relevant than the Frog Chorus." The Headmaster canceled the silencing charm around the band, and gestured for them to start.

Harry turned towards Draco, only to realize that he'd disappeared. So had all the Slytherins, really. The mood of the crowd had soured, and was uneasy to boot. Harry didn't mind them leaving, not really. He well knew the dangers of a crowd of scared people. This lot wouldn't need pitchforks, either, magic being what it was.

Harry sidled through the mostly Gryffindor and Hufflepuff crowd around Neville, "Where'd you get the brilliant idea to do that?"

Neville smiled back at Harry and made that o-shape with his hand, and then tapped on his wrist, "Dumbledore, I think."

Harry's eyes narrowed, as he deliberately set them on his own feet. No, he trusted that Dumbledore wouldn't have looked surprised, unless he truly was. Trouble was, who in the order knew music of all things? Maybe Arabella Figg? But no, she wasn't. musically inclined, either. And Luna would have simply told Neville she came up with it.

Which left Snape. Harry's conclusion there left a bad taste in his mouth. It felt wrong to just blame the spy for anything he didn't understand. Still, Harry thought, in this case, he was right.

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