Nobody ever asked my birthday

Wicked Laughter

"Happy Christmas!" One of the red-headed twins called, shoving his head straight into Ron's room. Harry blinked sleepily, casting a Tempus charm without moving his wand. 4:07 am...

But it was Christmas! Harry scrambled out of bed, hearing Gin Weasley howling to befit a wolf at her dearest bothers.

One of them came scrambling out of the room, his behind smoking, as he called back to his brother, "Bill! We forgot Bill!"

It took till five in the morning before everyone was duly awakened. Fleur looked the least happy of anyone, with her arms crossed and her pout threatening to turn into a snarl. (Art was still reading a Muggle book from the day before).

"Presents! Presents before Breakfast!" Ginny said sternly, her arms crossed as she barred the entrance to the kitchen. Only the slight twitching of the corners of her mouth gave away her good humor.

Molly gave her youngest a warm smile, and tutted, "Well, if you insist..."

The twins laid out the red carpet for everyone - they carried gift after gift around, and if half the gifts were joke presents from them, nobody really seemed to mind. It took Harry until about the third present for him to realize - the twins had duplicated everyone's boxes! So, no matter what they'd stuffed their presents with, someone always thought it was their present that was being opened.

A chocolate frog and an IOU, Harry'd bought in bulk. He'd known that the chocolate frog wouldn't win him many smiles (no one liked a chocolate frog as much as an eleven-year-old.)

Hermione had gotten him a planner, which helpfully promised him a "Vacation from Snape - if he was good." (That came on a neat little sticky note, so if he wasn't good, as was likely, he could just pull it off).

Ron had gotten Harry a Quiddich book, that he claimed had a nearly flattering section on the Cannons. It was almost reassuring, to see that some things were consistent.

Malfoy, as promised, hadn't gotten Harry a gift. That was a relief! If there had been a gift, it would have been a bomb, or something equally devastating.

Neville had gotten Harry a Thorny Apple-Pear, which made Harry smile - Neville knew he'd be taking care of it (and taking it home each summer). He'd undoubtedly gotten it more for himself than Harry - it was the sort of thoughtfulness that only Neville would come up with.

Harry had also received a few gifts he hadn't been expecting - simple and small, they were "tokens of care," as the etiquette book would put it. Not even enough to signify acquaintanceship, honestly. Just the least thank you one could possibly give during this season. He carefully kept track of how many of them there were, as they weren't all addressed from someone.

Tucked behind the tree, almost in shadow, was a small, non-descript box. It was so small, and ill-decorated (was that dark grey wrapping paper?) that the twins hadn't even copied it. Harry simply pocketed it, hoping (not unreasonably) that it wasn't anything alive or meltable.

[a/n: The etiquette lessons were NOT just a reason to let the Slytherins get Harry gifts without telling him who they're from.

Ginny and Ron are also getting gifts, if fewer - Goyle's sent out the same gift to everyone he knows. Nobody expects him to be creative.

Guesses as to that last gift?

To the reader who was confused about the unicorn bit: Her children are adopted. Not that they knew that, until just now.

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