Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 189

Harry was early to breakfast on Monday, his ears still ringing a bit from yesterday's practice. He looked around him, noting, unsiurprisingy, that the Astronomy professor wasn't there. McGonagall and Snape were, however, and Snape was looking... full of that old dark fire that he usually had. And a bit less skeletal too. Harry was glad.

Harry ate reasonably quickly, and in fact, was done before the rest of his House had arrived. Which was good, as he'd wanted to review and add a bit more to his Charms homework. It was amazing what you thought of while asleep.

Harry, as he always did, carefully lifted his plate and set it in the middle of the table, where he'd have put the other dirty dishes if there were any. He supposed it was a mild affectation born of Muggle Living, but he really didn't mind. He felt like giving the house elves a little less work wasn't truly a bad thing.

... or at least, that's what he'd have done, if he hadn't noticed a scrap of parchment under his plate. It read, simply, "Detention, 6:30 pm. Do Not Be Late", in Snape's spiky hand. Harry nearly dropped the dish in his confusion. How did that get there? And then, relief poured over him. He hadn't scheduled it during his training time.

Harry idly supposed that there were benefits to having an eavesdropping teacher around, when your schedule was as busy as his was.

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