Nobody ever asked my birthday


Snape was having another one of these blasted normal classes.

And Harry hated it. Not because it was boring, no.

Because he kept jumping at absolutely nothing.

No one would be fool enough to attempt an assassination with Snape in charge.

Not even Snape - there were witnesses.

Harry couldn't help waiting for the next problem. This one was too easy.

It was just the same groups, doing the same things as last class.

This was a pattern, and Harry distrusted patterns.

All the moreso as he was fairly certain Snape was smirking about Harry's 'case of the nerves.'

At least he hadn't been publically humiliated. There were apparent benefits to Snape's case of the silences. Huh, who'd have guessed?

Harry knew better than to push his luck with that, though. There were things that you could get away with, and things that you couldn't. Speaking of, Harry began to contemplate how to get out of being Draco Malfoy's lab partner. It was one thing for Malfoy to be spiteful to Harry (expected, really), but quite another if they were partners. There was absolutely no reason to do it then. Hrm. There normally wasn't a reason for Malfoy to do it in the first place...

Harry jumped, looked down at the ground sizzling between his feet. A spell had glanced off a shield and nearly scalded his feet.

Maybe there was a reason he was being so jumpy.

It was his group's turn, and he settled his heels in, letting Smith guide everyone. Not that Smith was any good at ordering people around - Harry was better and he didn't flatter himself to think he was at all good. Still, Harry was pretty confident that he could shield at least himself. Or spread a half-assed shield around everyone.

They lined up against Bones and Abbott and Parkinson and Goyle. On the surface, they looked like a reasonably weak team, though Bones was ferociously competent.

Smith's orders had them too disorganized. Harry should have been on point, or in the center of a circle, guiding. As it was, he was in the rear, and the attack was from the front. Magical power didn't do much to many spells, but it had a rather severe affect on how much a shield could take.

Their shield broke, and they all went flying... down onto what felt like, well, felt. Harry rolled to his feet, springing lightly to them out of a modified crouch. He couldn't say the same thing for his teammates. He had to restrain himself from volleying back a salvo. That wasn't the point of this exercise.

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

At midday meal, Harry got another letter from the Twins. It was a letter full of the laughter of three blokes trying out love potions on each other. Spiking them into things that really didn't need more intoxication, if you know what I mean. Apparently they'd all discovered that there were other uses for love potions, than getting the fairer sex to fall in love with them. Perhaps misuse might be a better word. Luckily, there were no details, as Harry didn't want to know about the twins getting closer than telepathy would suggest. They also had a few mail-order suggestions - as in ones that arrived by mail. They wanted Harry to vet them before they started real work on the promising ideas. Harry smiled. They never had liked research, had they?

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