Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 103

"Harry! Harry!" Gin waved as he walked into the Great Hall at breakfast. He didn't need to look at the Slytherins in the room to know that they were glaring at him for being such a bloody public spectacle. It wasn't as if he liked it...

He trotted over to Gin, and asked, "What is the matter, Ginny?"

"Harry! We never told you how the telephone came out!" Hermione Granger said, giggling, "Sky was beautiful fire, all twists met upwards, every wash in thin pink gauze."

Harry let out a decent guffaw, suppressing how loud it was just before the rest of the hall turned to look at the Former Chosen One. Oh, the Slytherins were probably looking - but that was nothing new, and Harry couldn't be bothered with what they were thinking.

Hogsmeade was a swirl of laughter, words floating on the breeze. Harry was there with Ron and Hermione, and they were darting back and forth as stores caught their interest. All in all, it was a busy, productive day. Harry'd have loved this first year, he thought with a grin. However, this year, Harry wondered if he'd have time for the homework before Monday. His friends never seemed to think about his extended coursework when compiling study schedules. And whose fault is that?

Harry'd had so much fun doing silly, small things that he'd even neglected looking at other people. Which, turned out to be a rather flagrant mistake.

"Why, hello there! It's Mister Harry Potter!" Minister Fudge effused in Harry's general direction. Shite, Harry thought - I'd have dodged him if I'd noticed him.

That was Draco Malfoy beside the Minister, too. Even worse... Harry wanted to grumble.

"Why don't the three of us go off and discuss common ground." Minister Fudge said, to Harry's absolute bafflement. Nobody adult paid attention to children. Surely not on large matters. Then again, Harry thought, I do have a trust fund...

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