Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 199

Pansy didn't look at all like Hermione Granger, but she had that same look in her eyes. "How do these ... magnets.. work, Potter?"

"They attract metal objects nearby them." Harry Potter said promptly.

"So, you've mentioned, but how do they work?" Pansy asked.

"I'm not sure I know what you mean?" Harry asked, working on not fidgeting, and unsure whether he was really succeeding.

"Can I turn one on and off?" Pansy said, crossing her arms and stating this like it should be obvious.

"No.. but you could summon one, and that'd be about the same difference, I think." Potter responded.

"Except that it'd be sticky with everything from hither to thither." Pansy said. "How about transfiguration? Can I make one of these magnets?"

"I don't see why not..." Harry said.

"And it's all metal? Do metal objects point towards the stone?" Pansy asked.

Harry was shaking his head, and then paused, "Not unless the object was only partially magnetizable metal... like a sword with a wooden hilt."

"Owch, that sounds like it might hurt."

"Yeah. It would." Harry responded.

"What are magnetizable metals? What metals aren't?"

"Mainly steel and iron are magnetizable. Gold, silver, zinc - even bronze and brass aren't."

"Is there any way to hide a magnet?"

"No, but a small one has a very small area of effect." Harry said.

"is there any way to increase a magnet's effect?" Pansy asked.

"yes, but probably not in highly magical areas." Harry said, "And you're going to have to ask Hermione for how."

Pansy sneered at the thought, then added, "What else do you know in that mugglefied head of yours?"

"I'm... not sure." Harry responded

"Typical. Even when you're talking about combat effects, leave it to a Gryffindor to not know what he knows." Pansy sneered.

"Why do you want to know so much?" Harry asked, his brow creased in frustration.

"Knowledge is power, surely you've heard the phrase." Pansy said, her smile wicked sharp, "The more I know, the more I can hurt you." Again, that flash of a smile, somehow more terrifying than Bellatrix Black, who, after all was mad. Pansy smirked, walking off without so much as a thank you or a by your leave.

Harry, for his part, was happy that she was just walking off at all, even if, as he hurried up to the Room, he very much understood why she'd asked him, not Hermione. Hermione loved details, and plenty of things that Pansy just didn't want to know about - the whys, not the hows.

Grudgingly, he accepted that she'd had a point about talking with him instead of Hermione.

Now, he was just going to have to find a way to explain being late. At least Pansy didn't wear enough perfume that he'd reek of her.

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Pansy's not actually out to murder Potter. She was using the more general you, which Potter may eventually realize.

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