Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 164

The DA was just an hour short of curfew tonight, and Harry was watching as Boot and his bud carried them through an intricate discussion of shield spells - oddly reflecting what they'd been working on in class, though Harry was as certain as he could be that neither of them had been tipped by Snape into pulling the class this way. Perhaps it was just the power of suggestion? Harry'd think higher of that idea if Snape was honestly hiding in the room (or, in this case, under the bleachers) and thus able to assess who his targets were.

As Harry and other senior DA members demonstrated spells (to be fair, Malfoy did as well, as did Nott - the two talented Slytherins, or at least the ones who didn't mind that someone else knew that they could do intricate magic), Harry's mind wandered back to Severus Snape. Try as he might to be reassured by what Snape'd flat out told him, he was concerned. Even worried.

What could do that to Snape? Or was it a who?

And, alright, it wasn't just that Snape looked like a flattened piece of shite stuck to the ground after a whole bevy of trucks had rolled over it. It was that he wasn't eating. Harry'd spent enough time in the infirmary to know how quick magical folk could generally bounce back - but ... if you didn't eat, you didn't feed your magic.

And Snape wasn't eating.

By the time they finished for the night, it was minutes before curfew, and Draco Malfoy was sneeringly telling everyone, "Five minutes before I say go. Slytherins first, Gryffindors last. Don't let me catch you."

And, obscurely, Harry Potter had to smother a smile. Sometimes it was good to know someone playing both sides.

Walking back, Lavender Brown smiled at Harry Potter, and even tried to start up a conversation. It was so odd, that Harry really couldn't get more than a word out. To be perfectly fair, Lavender was the type to just keep talking, so not getting out a word turned out not to matter so much.

What was up with that?

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