Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 283

Theo Nott was the next person on screen, and this was more of a fight. Pansy parkinson stood there, well, for a moment, at least. Then she was wind, light and agile - her spells quick and cutting.

Theo... Theo didn't shield. He ducked, and then sent a spell through a stone. How did that not bounce? Harry thought, and then frowned. Something... something wasn't right here. Harry's eyes ran across the crowd, looking to see if anyone else was... bothered by this. No one looked bothered, Harry had to admit, though honesty with the Slytherins, he'd have been surprised if they'd looked bothered.

Zach said simply, "Immobilization might have worked better, or..."

"Tar," Harry whispered, not meaning to overrun Zach's contribution.

"Potter," Snape snapped, "is there something you which to share with the class?"

"Tar," Harry said, just barely catching himself from saying sir. He really couldn't say whether it was a bad sign or a good one that calling Snape sir was becoming automatic. "Something sticky to immobilize - and tricky to dodge. Hot if possible, would burn quite nicely. And it doesn't wash off."

From off to his right, and nearly behind him, Lavender and Parvati were raising their eyebrows at each other. Harry noticed, turning towards them and saying, "It's war. All the way means hit 'em as hard as you can. And an Avada Kedavra isn't any good if you can't hit them."

"Continue," Snape said, which - coming from him, mind,- was high praise. Nothing to correct, at least.

Goyle was up next, and it was almost as if he'd forgotten his wand. Hagrid was his opponent, and from the instant Goyle decided to bum rush Hagrid, Harry had understood why it had to be Hagrid. Imagine if Snape had let him bumrush pretty little Tracey Davis. That was just not on. Hagrid was casting slicing hexes but Goyle let them hit him, choosing to sacrifice some blood to clobber Hagrid like a giant's fist. Goyle took Hagrid down with him, Hagrid, however, just laughed, rolling onto Goyle, who wasn't resisting. And then Harry saw the rock, his breath pausing as Goyle slammed it into Hagrid's face again and again.

"Stupid, brainless imbecile." Draco Malfoy muttered, and Harry belatedly realized that Malfoy wanted to be overheard. Goyle was better than that with spells.

"Crude, but effective," Zach said at last, the violence having made him pale. "Still, quicker would work a lot better. Never can tell when someone's got a partner."

Snape's dark eyes flickered across the room, staring t the odd person in the crowd. Harry nodded silently, Snape's actions confirming his conclusion.

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