Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 168

Harry and Ron had been heading up to Divination, when Harry heard Malfoy's slow drawl - "Granger" it said. It was a tone that made his nerves prick, and he was a half step slow behind Ron. And then a full step. And then, Harry slipped into the darkened corridor, heading towards the hallway between Arithmancy and Ancient Runes.

He heard Pansy's shrill giggle next, and the feeling of dread in his gut swelled. He has an audience, lovely.

"What's a matter, Mudblood? Can't find a proper bit of thread?" Pansy's voice cut, hard like diamond, sharp like silken thread.

"You'd think you'd be able to recognize your betters - by the cut of our jib, if nothing else." Malfoy drawled.

"That implies that she's not willfully blind, doomed to dig in the mud like the swine that she really is." Pansy giggled at this, as Harry drew close, his wand already drawn.

"We're all wearing the same uniform," Hermione said, stamping her foot - she'd have crossed her arms except they were covered in books.

"That's where you're wrong," Malfoy drawled, "Of course, you're too proud of your inferiority to ever admit that you are wrong. Rather a complex if you think about it." Shite, Harry thought, I hate it when Malfoy starts talking sense.

It sounded like the whole thing was breaking up, as Hermione Granger said, "Get out of my way." in the tone that said punching was the next recourse. Even Malfoy didn't have that much masochism in him today, apparently.

The Slytherins walked by - Harry, still unseen, got a wicked grin on his face. Leaning out, he cast silently - and turned Pansy Parkinson's stockings red and gold.

Pity it wouldn't hold. He'd have loved to see the look on Hermione's face.

[a/n: Harry - not always charging into danger. Malfoy's actually right, and on a number of levels here. For one, bespoke uniforms really are better fitting. Yes, that was just first year that he was at Malkins - some mad desire to look like Just Everyone Else, and enough patience to whine his parents into doing what he wanted. Of course, Harry didn't notice such things. Neither did most everyone else.

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