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Waiting for Godot

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Up high in Gryffindor Tower, Hermione raised her head, at the sound of creaking steps. "Oh," she said, sounding disappointed.

"Hey, you." Ron Weasley responded, articulate as usual, his hair mussed with Lavender's attentions. "Harry's not back yet?"

"No," Hermione said, "I hope he's not in trouble."

Ron sat down beside her, saying simply, "He's probably just walking the halls."

Hermione said sternly, "He shouldn't do that!"

Ron responded, with a grin, "And he shouldn't get on Snape's bad side, but you've seen just how good he is at that!"

They both laughed through their worry.

Severus Snape stood from his desk, and stretched languidly. He rarely got a chance to do so, despite being a naturally solitary person. It was all about image, and he certainly didn't need Albus Dumbledore catching him 'getting old.'

Snape pocketed his wand, and tread lightly down the stairs, inhaling the deliciously dark scents of the swampy mire. Now where had Bufo gotten off to?

Snape approached his pet with a gentle, approving smile, choosing not to comment on the gyrations of the meal inside its belly. He said, in velveteen tones, "What have you got there, Bufo? What a big belly you've got!"

Harry Potter felt his breath burn, with every breath - he still squirmed, but that was less to get out, and more because it itched. He heard, from outside the belly, Snape's voice.

There was something wrong.

It was too calm.

Harry started to yell, half at the thought of being abandoned, and half at the thought of being left behind.* "Help! I'm here! Sir! Help! Let me out!"

Harry's cries dwindled, as his vision swam in the darkness.

And, pressing an ear to the frog's stomach, he heard, "*(& settle your stomach *& "

Harry couldn't help himself - he sucked in a burning lungful and screamed.

*The first is the thought of it happening accidentally, and the second of it being done on purpose.

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