Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 109

Harry was one of the first Gryffindors out of his seat at Breakfast, ignoring the look that Ron shot him (more of confusion than anything else, as if he couldn't understand why Harry was leaving first). Hermione made to gather together her stuff, but Harry didn't wait for her.

He was headed towards the Room of Requirement, and he wanted to get there first. He had a few ideas as to how to make a happy memory, and he'd need a bit of luck, a bit of time, and a bit of careful planning.

Unfortunately, Luna Lovegood was there before him, so that put paid to his plans. Except... that when he approached, Luna winked at him. "Come on in, the water's warm!" she said, and traipsed into the happily solid room (Harry wasn't the best at swimming).

"What'd you pick?" Harry asked, getting the first look at the room as he closed the door behind him.

"Nothing, yet! You want something, head left and ask!" Luna responded gayly.

Harry thought a moment, pulling together a curtain (that looked like a bath curtain, so he shook his head and tried again, getting a red "opening night" curtain instead.). Harry nodded at that, and started to concentrate on a stage worthy of the scene he wanted to craft.

Luna, to the right, started to sing, concentrating on Butterflies and sun-dappled meadows, bunnies and all sorts of pleasant things.*

Hermione came in, and looked baffled at what was going on. "What's happening?"

"Oh, hi Hermione," Luna said with a smile, "Have you any ideas on how to make someone a happiest memory?"

"Tons!" Hermione said. "I started with sunshine, and then I couldn't help but remember Crookshanks playing with a toy..."

"Oooh, give me those!" Luna said, snatching the list right out of Hermione's hand. "Just a mo', this won't take long." Peeking out from behind the curtain, Harry could see Luna twirling away, a pleasant reading nook with a fire and hot chocolate appearing, and Harry's mouth started to water just thinking about it.

*Bambi reference.

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