Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 147

Draco Malfoy was on the fifth floor of Hogwarts, pacing. Or, rather, circling the entire thing. He disliked the conclusions he'd come to in the past hour, and he wanted to break something. Worse, he wanted answers, and ... well, asking Professor Snape would be the worst idea.

Draco Malfoy didn't think anyone else would be able to offer insight, though. Most of the other teachers were... distant. Oh, they taught, and cared, and all that rot, but... never like Snape did. With Snape, it was always personal. With Longbottom, with Bulstrode, with Rosier. Always personal. Snape was attentive to everything around himself, as always. The difference was, at school he was likely to provide aid.

Aid that Draco Malfoy desperately, desperately needed. But couldn't ask for, because Snape wasn't supposed to know that conversation, that revelation, even existed. Worse, for Draco's ongoing sanity, The Dark Lord wasn't supposed to know about it either. Draco Malfoy briefly considered going to the Headmaster to ask for another obliviate, before reason reasserted itself.

No, it was far better for him to delve deeper into the mental arts, rather than resort to removing anything that might possibly be problematical. The Dark Lord would have to be a particularly insightful, cunning man to get anything out of Draco's actions - or even Potter's. Draco could... would take that chance.

Still, Draco Malfoy's curiosity coursed through him as if his blood was on fire. How in the world had a stray comment of Pansy's (the girl who made dozens of entertaining, entirely implausible comments every day), managed to upset Potter's equilibrium worse than any of Draco Malfoy's comments over his entire time at Hogwarts?

Potter wasn't supposed to be complicated. He was supposed to be simple. But simple people don't ask the questions he was asking. Simple people don't notice what Potter had noticed... and drawn deeply into himself.

[a/n: Draco can also be perceptive, when he chooses to be. Sadly, he's not getting answers to these questions.

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