Nobody ever asked my birthday

Just Before Christmas

Harry had been so busy, he'd woken up Saturday with no idea that it was a Hogsmeade weekend.

He only cottoned onto the fact when he sat down for breakfast - warm and energized because of his run around the castle. No mantraps this time, Harry thought grimly. Truthfully, he wouldn't expect them until the new semester - snow made a very good hiding place, and there might be more questions than Snape wanted if Harry wound up injured repeatedly "near the Forbidden Forest" (Harry could just see the gossips now - "Harry's got a werewolf girlfriend!").

Which wasn't to say there weren't traps - just the 'ordinary magic' kind.

Hogsmeade meant Christmas Presents - they were meant to be a surprise, weren't they? When he'd been young, he'd just gotten Hermione whatever book he'd thought she'd like... but now... Now he wanted to do something a little... unexpected.

Harry left early for Hogsmeade, grabbing his cloak from the dorm. He went in hte quill shop, and into the joke shop, and even into the clothes shop (uuugh). Harry shook his head. He wanted something -different-. The sort of thing that would amaze people. Still thinking, Harry walked rather aimlessly through Hogsmeade.

Out of a dark alley, Harry heard a very recognizable voice, "I hope you're not expecting me to get you something for Christmas," Draco Malfoy's smooth, cultured tones sneered out.

Harry shoved his hands in his pockets (it was the best he could do to look casual), and strolled down the alley. "Course not," Harry said, his eyes adjusting to find Malfoy sitting nearly cross-legged on a high box (atop three other boxes).

Just because Malfoy wasn't getting Harry something... Didn't mean that Harry couldn't get Malfoy something, at least. This... wasn't really a duty. It wasn't Something Done that You Just Did.

What did you get for someone who had everything? Harry thought, gesticulating wildly in his head. He was rubbish at making things too.

"You may not find time in your very busy schedule to get me something, but I'm certain I can find something you don't have." Harry said, grinning.

Draco Malfoy snorted, "I doubt that."

It was perfect. It was also not in Hogsmeade, but in London. The trick was getting there.

Harry played in the snow for a while (with some of the younger years, and eventually Neville and Hermione. Apparently Slytherins were too grown-up to play snowball, based on the fiery glare he'd gotten from Pansy when he'd thrown a snowball at her hair*).

Finally, Harry and the Gryffindors (with a scattering of Hufflepuffs - Susan bones looked beautifully rosy-cheeked after playing so long in the snow) stumbled into the Three Broomsticks. They grabbed three booths in a row (and, of course, Hermione had sat beside Harry). "Have you got all your Christmas presents, Harry?" Hermione asked.

Harry leaned back, lacing his hands behind his head, "Nope, not a one." Sitting up properly, he faced Hermione, and asked, "What are you doing for Christmas this year?"

Hermione smiled, "I'm spending Christmas day and the rest of the holiday with my parents, but I might wind up at the Burrow for Christmas Eve."

Harry turned those big green eyes of his on Hermione, "Might I join you for Boxing Day? I have an idea for the perfect gifts..."

Hermione nodded, her eyes sparkling with the shared secret. "Sure! I'll have to ask my parents of course..."

*Pansy was busy. On Business, as you might say.

[a/n: Harry, being Harry and a boy, hasn't quite realized that not giving presents On Christmas is probably a bad plan. Luckily, he's good enough to at least plan a backup - which is lots and lots of Chocolate Frogs. Very impersonal, no?]