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Harry'd never been to a Museum before. He did know, however, that the British Museum was the grandest museum that ever existed. It was more imposing than Gringotts, all white, with all those stairs and columns.

He strode up to it firmly, reminding himself he was no longer eleven, and no one would ask why he was there. He was old enough to be on his own, and he wanted to savor that feeling.

"Wait up, Harry!" Hermione cried, darting through a knot of people to find him.

Wearing a gentle smile, Harry turned around and waited for her to climb up to him.

"Isn't it grand?" Hermione said, spinning on the steps. She was wearing a skirt, but she had leggings beneath it, making her look less girly.

"It's magnificent!" Harry said with a grin.

"Let's wait for my parents over here," Hermione said, and then began reciting everything she wanted to show Harry, who swiftly tuned out everything except her excitement.

When Harry and Hermione did get inside, Harry's first instinct was to dart away, to find someplace to be. It was that huge, and it looked like everyone was looking down on them from above. He restrained himself, and let Hermione drag him by the wrist wherever she wanted.

In the course of this voyage, Harry learned that museums were where adventures lurked. Around another bend, you could always find some far off place, made home and simple. Imagine yourself there, in Africa where men did not wear shirts, or down in the south islands of South America, where people squatted all day (Tierra la Fuego). In Russia, where even the Lords and Ladies used intricate bows - or, Harry's breath caught, This diorama is of Runnymeade.

Hermione might like the library, but Harry? Harry could lose a year to the museum. He had a sudden urge to travel, to see - could feel what felt like Hagrid's enthusiasm welling up inside him.

Hadn't Ron gotten to see Egypt? And Hermione France?

Harry wanted to see everywhere.

He'd counted, and so when he went to the bookshop, he asked for holograms. Unfortunately, it looked like he couldn't just get nearly a hundred of the spaceship. So he found the best ones he could.

As he was working, Hermione came over, "Are you -" Hermione's eyes began to sparkle, "You're buying one for everyone aren't you?"

Harry wore a soft grin as he nodded his assent.

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Hermione said.

"I know," Harry said.

Hermione looked at him a bit more sternly, "Is this why my Christmas present was a chocolate frog?"

Harry fidgeted, "Yes, and IforgotaboutChristmas."

Hermione smiled, brightly and cruelly at once, "Then I get to have exactly what I want!"

Harry Potter hoped it wasn't expensive, as he'd cleaned out his muggle currency except for three pence. "And what's that?"

Hermione smirked, "Harry Potter, you're going to carry my books!"

[a/n: Have you ever read my story Loose Snakes, Loose Ends? There Harry is age 13, and it's a monumental problem, not being old enough to be left on your own.

I do realize the French would beg to differ on Museums. Harry's British, I repeat, so more jingoistic than truthful.

Yes, Hermione is up to something. Isn't that obvious?

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