Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 228

By the time the meeting had ended, Harry and the rest had a decent background for writing the essay. Plus, they'd all gotten to hear about Goyle cornering and then stunning the Transfiguration Professor! Truly, that had taken the cleverness that Slytherin was famed for.

Harry was quite tired (having been up early to run), and wanted to huff back to Gryffindor's dorms and collapse into sleep. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone'd got the Yule idea together.

Specifically, the girls in DA, who wanted to gather around Harry and ply him with their charms. Harry wanted to burst out with "I don't like aggressive women!" - but he had liked Hermione, and she was the epitome of a ballsy bitch. So he couldn't actually say that. Besides, she'd have given him grief ofver it regardless.

Harry didn't especially fancy telling the girls no, either. That generally meant tears, and Harry did Not Like girls in Tears.

So, he tried his timehoned skill of avoidance. All in all, it might have worked better if it wasn't the Room of Requirement. Real hard to hide in a leopardskin patterned bedsheet. Real tough to tell someone that you really weren't interested, and could she please get Off The Bed so Harry could turn down the next one. Parvati and Padma had tried to go for a threesome, and Harry didn't want to even contemplate how that would work without being in the safety of his own bed.

Hannah and Sue were really, really nice about the whole thing, which was in some ways worse. Because how was he supposed to let them down when they looked like they'd nearly given up before even asking him? His heart went out to them, but not in the "Let's Date" sort of way.

In the end, he hadn't managed to turn down a single girl.

Which meant tomorrow was going to be worse.

[a/n: Malfoy's getting his share of girls too, Harry's just too embarrassed/busy etc to notice at the moment.

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