Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 115

Harry wasn't especially slow at leaving Potions that day, but he wasn't the first out... and most of the class was headed towards Divination or Muggle Studies. So, as he nearly stepped out of the Potions classroom, he wasn't surprised that Malfoy and Hermione Granger were standing by themselves in the hallway.

No, the wonder was that they were managing to speak, if in only slightly incivil tones.

"You know he's just playing with you, Granger." Malfoy's cultured drawl said.

"Oh? Who would that be?" Hermione Granger said, and Harry didn't need to be looking at her face to see her pointed gaze.

"Snape." Draco drawled, "You can't possibly think he's actually going to give you extra credit."

Harry heard a gentle snort, and pictured Hermione smirking, as she said, "Of course he's scheming," Hermione said cuttingly, "That's what you Slytherins do."

"Then why play along, if you're just going to wind up looking the fool?" Draco drawled, "Not that I would mind seeing the Smartest Witch of Her Age fall flat on her face."

Hermione stomped her foot, saying, "It's a simple enough request, Malfoy." And then she took a deep breath (Harry could hear it), "Besides, it's just school. There's a limit to what he can do, isn't there?" And that last sentence was a bit more confrontational than it should have been - than a person would be when it was just a Professor they were talking about.

Snape moved past Harry, his robes leaving a breeze behind, as he strode towards the two arguing students, "I believe you have classes to attend?"

Harry was quickly out of Snape's classroom, before he turned around, even, let alone before Snape returned.

[a/n: and this was intended before I wrote that scene with Draco and Hermione kissing. So, um, it's a little more pointed now. I like it better this way.

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