Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 314

That evening, Harry's mind was more on Snape's 'homework assignment' than on the tryouts. That was okay, though, Harry reassured himself. He sat down with Hermione and nodded at Ron and Ginny and Angelina, "Why don't you guys give them a run for their money?"

"Aye-aye Cap'n!" Said Ron, who seemed determined to milk the title for all it was worth - for the one day Harry'd have it. Harry didn't mind. If he had the time to play, he would.

Everyone got to the air, including Ron and Ginny, and Harry watched the Chaser tryouts, tuning out everything else. His father had been a Chaser, but Harry'd never been big enough to manage it. Angelina and her two friends were still tops at the position - mostly through teamwork. Harry watched carefully as Angelina tried to break the news to two younger students Gavin and Mark. She had her hand on their shoulders, and even though they looked depressed, they quickly started a game of pickup seeking that Harry itched to play in.

The beaters were another story. Without the twins, nobody really had the bulk for the position. Gryffindors tended towards athletic, but apparently not quite that bulky. Ron was frowning at them but eventually selected Evan and Ian, two boys Harry'd never have picked, even though they did have more potential than the rest of the candidates. Harry'd have trouble ordering them around, and from above, the Seeker's traditional position, that would be disasterous.

Ron, however, would do better. He could see both of them, and by turning his head, identify who he was calling to, even if their names were easy to mistake.

Ron was the only candidate for the Keeper position, and Harry was quite glad that no one from the other Houses was here to jeer. Ron was a decent Keeper, but by no means extraordinary.

The extraordinary one was Gin Weasley, with her firebright hair whipping behind her. Harry wasn't trying out for Seeker, although he could tell that few people believed he wasn't playing.

Harry gathered all the returning players back, and said, "Okay, let's deal. Who's on, who's a good prospect, and who needs to stay off at all costs?"

Harry let the position players start to talk (Hermione, of course, drew up a chart), and ended it with "Ginny, take seeker."

"What, you don't want it?" Ginny responded teasingly.

"Too much work, and I don't quite mean school," He said, giving her a wink.

"Harry Potter, giving up flying?" Ginny's eyes sparkled as she teased him.

"Oh, I was thinking about teaching Malfoy a thing or two." Harry said, and Ginny smirked right back.

A second later, the rest of the team reacted, shouting things like "No, you can't!" - someone near the back even managed, "Traitor!"

Harry looked innocent and unfazed, and as they calmed down (Ron's face was still red), he said, "Suppose I should have offered to train you, Ginny?"

Ginny crossed her arms, and spoke with laughter in her voice, "As if! I can fly your pants off any day of the week."

"Aye," Harry said, "Maybe you just need glasses?"

Ginny drove a hard elbow into his side, and Hermione giggled nearby.

"Wont' teaching Malfoy give him an advantage?" Ron asked, his hands flexing but his voice calm.

"Not against Gryffindor." Harry said, "Gin's right, she flies better than me. I'm not giving him lessons on spotting the snitch"

Gin continued, "Yeah, he might manage to beat Hufflepuff, but he won't beat Cho just by improving how he flies..."

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