Nobody ever asked my birthday

Always ringing

Harry, for once, had managed to keep his thoughts to himself. That hadn't helped Parvati, but he hadn't really thought it was a good idea to help her anyway. She liked drama more than was healthy, and if she really did have that Ravenclaw, she'd be plotting something even more insane.

So it was, that the next morning, Harry rose with a will and a way.

But, mostly, he awoke with words crackling through his mind like lightning on sand.*

"Why hadn't you told me that my mother had a Slytherin friend?"

Those were... safe words. Reasonable words.

Words that wouldn't implicate... Snape.

Well, wouldn't implicate him more than the memory itself would, and they all had the memory anyway, or the question wouldn't make a whit of sense.

That question put the questionee on the backfoot, and demanded a different answer than "Friends With Snape" ever would. And, really, that was the question that Harry wanted answered. Why people would withhold that, why even his photo album had been scrubbed of Snape - Had Snape been a vampire? some witty part of Harry's mind quipped back. Nah...

It wasn't a question that Harry was going to be able to swallow down, coil up in his belly until it ate him from the inside - or burst forth anyway.

Still, Harry did his best to concentrate on classes. Somehow he knew he was very, very far behind.

This was only proven more true when he got to Snape's class. Snape, in all his munificent wisdom, had posted a blackboard. It had simply said, Find me. Well, were this a normal defense teacher, with a normal outlook on life, the universe and everything, that would have meant Detection Spells.

Harry'd gotten there before everyone else, that question ringing in his mind loudly enough to encourage quick eating. Even classes made a better distraction than mere victuals.

So, instead of starting with a detection spell, Harry drew out his wand and started lobbing a fireball around the room. A blue fireball, of course, Hermione's bluebell flames spell was incredibly useful - at finding disillusioned people. This took about five minutes, but Harry was done before even Zach could come through the door. In point of fact, he opened the door to Zach, nodded, and kept walking. "Aren't you coming to class?" followed after him in Zach's ever officious voice, truly one of the eleven wonders of the world.

It was essentially a free period, if you wanted to consider Snape as "Probably Missing" and "Possibly Doing Something Important."

But Harry'd always liked puzzles (even if Hermione was better at solving them), and he meant to find Snape. But sheer determination wasn't generally good for much against a wily Slytherin.

[a/n: Reviews? Ideas? Harry is going to get around to asking the question, but we do have class first.

As a reminder, I did not make Harry this obsessive, that was JKR. AU Harry has more of a "forgot about that" mentality, until he suddenly remembers again.

This is because he has a dozen different things going on (or at least that he's keeping track of).]