Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 292

Harry got to the Room earlier that expected, finding Draco Malfoy trying, unsuccessfully, to assert to Hermione Granger that yes, he had studied enough. Draco shot Harry a harried look, as if to say, Can you deal with This?

Harry Potter shut the door carefully, and then slowly strolled over, all the while listening to the unending questions that Hermione Granger was putting to Draco Malfoy. Unending in that she wasn't stopping for breath - let alone giving him time enough to answer. Hermione was nervous - nervous about Draco Malfoy's ability to teach. While, in principle, that was a good thing, it really, really wasn't helping.

Harry put a hand on Hermione's shoulder, causing her to jump and squeak. (He was quietly glad that Malfoy hadn't taken the opportunity to ogle Hermione's breasts). "Breathe, Hermione," Harry said, grinning.

"The answer's yes," Draco's drawl put in.

"To which question?" Hermione asked, as if she didn't realize how insane it was to ask twenty and then expect an answer to each.

"All of them." Draco Malfoy said. "Start stretching," He said coldly.

Harry smirked, "Dance practice today?"

"No, more's the pity," Draco Malfoy drawled back, stretching himself out. "Be a pleasure to watch you get cursed by your partner." Draco's silver eyes met Harry's with a look of wicked amusement, "Again."

Harry snorted, and got down to stretching too. As he did, he watched other people entering. Ron pretended to look upset, but Harry was pretty sure No One was fooled. Ron's anger was legendary, known up to the eagles and down to the snakes.

After most people had entered, and mimicked the three of them off in a corner, Harry asked, "Where is Goyle?"

"Greg's running interference." Draco Malfoy's drawl was audible across the room, "So we can have this meeting today. Thank him next time, will ya?" Harry heard that as "I'll be doing it next time," which was undoubtedly what Malfoy meant, though of course, you never could really tell with a Slytherin.

Draco Malfoy had selected what seemed to be one of the most boring bits of the books Hermione had taken (Harry'd had a peek at them a couple of times, there were way more interesting things to be practicing.). Here, Draco Malfoy was having them practice reading their opponent, and casting the correct counter or shield. The twist was that the Cruciatus curse and Avada Kedavra were being mimicked by similar looking spells.

It was a game of last man standing, and Harry had intended to win, before getting hit in the back by Neville Longbottom, who'd blushed, and sayd, "Sorry! I missed!" Not that it really mattered, Harry thought. He didn't need to win at everything. Really, he insisted to himself.

[a/n: Okay, so my characters have something to say:

Snape: I always compose while drinking a glass of red, generally plonk. And why shouldn't I?

Minerva: I never sit with Prof. Snape during mealtimes, because he enjoys the quiet (particularly at breakfast), and I enjoy a little conversation. Why, his first month teaching, I sat beside him at breakfast and tried to ask him how his weekend had been - He glared at me for the rest of the Week! No thank you. He's perfectly fine company at Quiddich games, snarky though he is.

What does Hermione have to say?

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