Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 95

After breakfast was worse, if you can believe it. Harry hardly could. The glares from the Gryffindor girls were bad enough... but he couldn't get five feet outside the Great Hall before there were four girls sighing over him. Not that Harry hated girls or anything... but these? They were all over him - and it had been a long time since Harry'd liked the feel of people touching him. Felt confining, really.

Luckily, Ron was right behind him, and capable of looking more clueless than he usually did, with that distant, vacant smile. "Harry, Charms is this way..." He called, and Harry Potter wriggled out from between the girls.

It didn't help. There were more behind the corner.

And, um, having this many girls literally throwing themselves on a bloke wasn't doing much for his self control. Harry fervently hoped they weren't feeling what he was feeling. Because that would be embarrassing. Worse, they might decide that meant he liked them, and not stop this at once!

"Potter." Snape's voice slid out from a darkened passageway, and the girls around him scattered, more afraid of Snape than they were interested in mobbing Harry. For perhaps the first time, Harry was glad to see Severus Snape. "That will be one detention for blocking the hallway."

"But! That wasn't even me!" Harry sputtered, "They were climbing on me, not -"

"I saw." Snape said dryly, his eyes sparkling with amusement under eyebrows that said otherwise.

Unfortunately, there weren't always people around to rescue Harry, and he was a good fifteen minutes late to Herbology.

At dinnertime, three hufflepuff girls tried to invite themselves to sit beside him (Ron and Hermione being on the other side), when Gin came round to give them the blow off. They glared at her, and Hermione whispered, "I think they may have knives, better watch your back, Ginny."

Ginny gave a cock-eyed grin, saying, "Let them try." Man, Ginny looked hot when she smiled like that - a redhaired devil in robes. Harry's eyes settled briefly on ... pretty much everything but her face.

By the time Harry was headed up to the Room of Requirement, he was glad it was time to learn (even if he already knew everything being taught). At least that might keep the girls off him for a bit.

[a/n: Yes, I do remember girls having contests to kiss a particular boy, who always ran away. They were five.

In fairness to these sluts*, Harry's rich and unattached and apparently heartbroken.

*used in a technical and not demeaning way. Girls who measure self-worth based on the boys they can snag. They're teenagers, I don't judge.

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