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Missing Malfoy

So, some frizzy haired idiot had decided that Blind Fighting was something that novices could teach each other in their Defense After School Program.

There were many reasons Harry was glad Malfoy wasn't here, but mostly it was that Malfoy had a mouth, and Harry would really rather they fight to learn something, instead of to shut him up.

This was supposed to be a lesson in how to fight in the darkness. If so, they'd all gotten Trolls.

And this within the first thirty minutes. Seamus was nursing a black eye, and Dean was trying to hold himself upright despite some injuries to his family jewels. Nott, of all people, looked stumbly - Harry'd have helped, but Bones was already there, her squat short body quite capable of holding Nott upright. Pansy had a smirk on her face, the only one of them completely uninjured, and had drawn a knife and was spinning it, hilt down, in the palm of her hand.

Harry hadn't been at all surprised when slight Luna Lovegood had put her hand in the crook of Hermione's arm and said, "Oh! How thoughtful! Now we have plenty of dummies to practice healing on!"

While Luna had a pretty smart mouth, everyone gave her miles of leeway because most people were convinced she was barmy, hysterical, or just cray-cray. Besides, if you took offense at her words, she'd give you the blandest look, and ask, "Why do you suppose people get so upset to hear the truth?"

Malfoy, whether speaking truth or lies, tended to speak with intention.

Luna just said what she thought. It made her the very devil to argue with.

Healing was one of the disciplines that Harry knew the least about, and it was a very valuable discipline too (Snape had used it sparingly, along with potions, over the Summer. His philosophy had been that if you weren't too hurt to move, you'd best be moving anyway.*).

Harry learned that a lot of Healing was about connection, and about weaving spells. That was why bones were fixed with a potion - it was hard to weave through muscles and other swollen tissue. Healing was also about draining out bad humors, biles and phlegm, and occasionally blood.

All in all, Harry was very glad he was there and paying attention.

*I continue to emphasize that Snape is preparing Harry for the front lines of a war. Conduct such as this is not acceptable for College Football, University of Maryland, we're looking at you.

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