Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 104

Harry wasn't sure what to expect, heading into his first real Order Meeting. Particularly in the Room of Requirement. He entered with his wand in his hand, his shoulder leading, and in a half crouch.

"Expecting someone else, Potter?" Tonks said with a cheery grin, her foot balanced on the tipped back of another chair.

"Constant Vigilance." Harry responded, closing the door and inspecting the room. There was one table, shaped in a cloverleaf, of all configurations (that Had to be Dumbledore, Harry thought with exasperated amusement), wall sconces, and half the room was lined with dusty old books. Was this the first time they'd used this - or did they just like to conjure sneezes?

"Oh, divine, the first of the glorious Gryffindors. Bravery will not be a requirement for the next hour or three, I'm afraid." Snape seemed to ooze venom out of those greasy pores of his. Harry wanted to frown in exasperation, and ask Snape just what the hell he was really doing. The infamously impatient misanthrope attending at all was one thing, but arriving early? That defied belief.*

Before Harry could speak, Gin and Ron and Hermione piled in. "Lovely, the rest of the headless heartsmen. If only I had a brain." Snape managed that last in a darkly dire melody**, which Harry could vaguely sense ought to have been funny. But, as it was Snape, it was unwise to laugh at any comment. He was the type to demand attention, and respect.

Before the door could shut, Luna Longbottom gently sashayed through, her bottlecap necklace sparkling over her robes. Who wore robes on Saturday? Luna Lovegood everyone.

"Oh, and the Daffy Raven as well." Snape's acid voice rang out in that soft way that echoed through the room.

Luna looked at Snape - keeping her usual vacant expression, of course - and reprimanded, "Daffy was a Duck."

"Do you want me to get you a bill?" Snape shot back.

"Oh, my humor's not that good. Not worth knut-ting." Luna conceded humbly.

Other people piled in, and Snape grew quieter. The Gryffindors were carrying on a grand conversation (Luckily, it wasn't about Lavender Brown), and the older order members filed in. Harry's eyes kept track on the arrivals, and on Snape's responses.

*Did you get how implausible Snape's presence was?

**If only I could fly (from Orm and Cheep)

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