Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 324

Harry was in a mood, and his friends knew to stay far far away from him when he was in a mood.

Unless they'd determined, like Gryffindors, to plunge straight into the madness and chaos. Which was often.

Not today, though.

Maybe it had something to do with the violet-green his lily was flashing at everyone.

Un-luckily for Harry, not everyone was his friend.

In this case, he'd been heading to his dorm after Dinner (not that he was supposed to do that, he was supposed to be with Ron and Hermione - also Draco, who Harry was trying not to think about, as the fantasy of punching him in the gob was just too tempting).

In this very instant, Harry was flying. From a foot that hadn't been there a moment ago. Flying down the stairs to be specific. Training took over - old training, strangely, hide your head, you're a ball. Just like with Dudley.

Harry hit something soft and vaguely sticky. He tried to reorient himself before thinking to stand. Un-fortunately, he was picked up bodily, and someone was cheerfully whistling The Wild Rover, which made Harry vaguely itch. His friends didn't like that kind of music. Who did?

The sight of that blond hair gave Harry his answer. Draco Malfoy. Who is accosting me, here in a hallway, when he could have - if I was going there, at least - caught me in the Room.

Harry had his hand on his wand, as he struggled out of the sack=like entity Draco had put him in.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry said, "Just give me a reason to punch your lights out."

Draco sneered, "Shouldn't that be a reason not to punch my lights out?"

"As if," Harry said, his left hand in a fist, that he lightly tapped against his thigh.

One thing about Slytherins, they understood body language. "I need you to get a message to the Defense Club." Draco Malfoy said quickly. "Tell them to watch where they step."

And that, that was curious. "Why? And why would I tell them for you? Just tell them yourself?" Harry snapped.

"Snape's increasing surveillance." Draco said, and Harry nodded mutely. He'd think about why when his head wasn't about to explode.

"So why not tell them yourself? you've got a coin..." Harry groused.

Draco's smirk was nearly a smile, "I don't want them trusting me." Draco Malfoy shoved his hands roughly in his pockets, "You wanted me to teach, this is my task. Now let them know that they'll be hunted. I'll set up the stalking."

Draco Malfoy didn't wait for Harry to respond, which was probably just as well. Harry still wanted to punch Malfoy, but was cautiously interested in... whatever lesson this was.

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