Nobody ever asked my birthday


Tuesday flew by. Harry didn't really think much about anything except classwork. He threw his all into it, and found himself picking up the charms as if they were simplicity itself. That was how he worked, when he paid attention, ideas aligned and he was able to get his charms working properly. He wasn't Hermione - she was like that all the time. Harry? Just Harry got just distracted a lot by a lot of things, and he knew that some of them were important, and some of them weren't.

Not that knowing things helped, most of the time.

Harry sat down to dinner, noting as usual where people were sitting. Snape and McGonagall were having a 'healthy debate' at the High Table (by which Harry meant no one had probably been stabbed yet). Sprout was chortling (making her fat wobble in a very disturbing, and entrancing, way) as she was relating an anecdote to Filius. Dumbledore sat and oversaw everything, from the middle of the table.

Harry's eyes flicked down the Slytherin table. Pansy was not sitting with any of her yearmates. Were they afraid that Potter's stupidity was catching? That maybe he'd kiss one of them next? Harry made a mental note to tell Pansy his observations, before realizing it was probably futile.

Harry was in detention till doomsday. Otherwise known as when he graduated.

Harry got down to the Very Serious Business of eating dinner. Beef Wellington, with roasted taties, and some sort of green muck on the side. Nobody wanted the green muck, but nobody wanted to tell the House Elves that either. Hermione tried glaring Neville into eating some of it, in her prim way, "Please, they went to a lot of work to make this much - how would you like it if nobody ate what you made?"

Neville gave a sigh, and reluctantly managed a bite. Harry smirked -

A crack of lightning plunged the Great Hall into darkness. A gust of wind snuffed candles.

The entire Hall seemed to pause - Harry held his breath, and he wasn't the only one.

A clap of thunder, and then, in the middle of the Great Hall, there was a spectral green light. "I am Lussi!" a ... witchy voice shrieked, and then she cackled. It was a witch, as from the Muggle Fairy Tales.

Harry blinked rapidly, adjusting his eyes. It was a simple trick - he was one of the first who saw the small, female figure on a broomstick. "Mean children beware!" The green light glinted off light, long hair.

... was that Luna?

Harry's jaw dropped.

"Lussiferda, Lussiferda, Lussiferda!" she cried, jabbing her wand above her head with each word. Hobgoblins and trolls popped out around everyone - Hermione shrieked and stood to avoid a goblin getting a look under her dress.

The witchy witch circled the room, pausing at the Hufflepuff table, "Have you been naughty little children?"

"Don't take me!" Ernie cried, abandoning all of the dignity he generally had.

Harry's attention was momentarily caught by the High Table, where McGonagall was climbing to her feet, irritation writ large on her face. (Harry could hear her stern No broomriding in the castle). Beside her, Snape finished what he'd been writing with a flourish, and bopped Minerva McGonagall on the head with the rolled up parchment, exactly as you might a cat.

Harry suddenly knew he'd better never admit to watching this.

Snape wouldn't have done it if he'd known anyone would be watching.

Looking at the note, Minerva McGonagall sat down with a sigh, as she crossed her feet and leaned back. Snape smirked, and harry could nearly hear Snape savoring his victory.

Luna had flown over to the Gryffindor table, "Have you been naughty?"

"No, Dame Lussi." Hermione said, and Harry could tell she was just guessing on the address.

Lussi went to the middle of the room, again - very, very slowly - was something wrong with her broom. Again she jabbed her wand towards the sky, "Liars and Men of Honor, prepare to be judged!" She cackled, then.

The room reverberated with the wind, Harry desperately peeling his eyes closed.

Closing his eyes made it worse, not better - there were sounds everywhere, little hobgoblin feet, the booms of troll feet.

When the light shone again, Luna was nowhere to be seen. Neither were the trolls and hobgoblins.

Snape was the first person to take another sip - of coffee, black as his eyes. He did so, even though his hair resembled something out of Rainbow Brite.

Draco Malfoy, whose entire ensemble was not just rumpled, but also inside out and backwards, stood, clapping slowly. "I stand for the Lussevaka this night."

Cho, and Li, and Padma rose to their feet (lunged would be more appropriate truly). "Ravenclaw stands with you, House Slytherin."

Harry's eyes flicked to Draco, who he swore had a look of satisfaction on his face.

Zach Smith rose for Hufflepuff, backed by Ernie, "Hufflepuff will join you, of course."

Lavender, Parvati - and Finnegan stood, "With Gryffindor, Hogwarts will stand united."

"Until evil be vanquished, and light burst forth again."

"Drika Jul!" the whole of the high table responded, as if to say "Amen."

and that was Albus Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling like usual.

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Luna: It's Lussinatt, of course I did!

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