Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 240

Harry flung himself out of the Room the instant the meeting was over, letting his feet nearly float him down the stairs. He felt like he practically glowed incandescent with rage, and was very, very glad no student decided to mess with him. Hopefully they knew better, but it was probably his speed. Even HeadInClouds Ravenclaws knew how to get out of the way of a plummeting student.

Harry Potter stood in front of Snape's office door, pounding it loud enough to wake the dead. In fact, the Bloody Baron was drifting over. Malfoy came around the corner, smirked, and then retreated - for the space of one foot. Just far enough to be concealed.

"What is it now?" Snape drawled. "Potter! Finally decided to show up for your detention. You're what, five hours late?"

Harry's jaw had dropped open, and he hastily shut it, saying - trying for meek, "But, sir!" Harry was pretty sure he'd failed. He was a shite liar, and always had been.

"Meeting's over?" Snape snarled.

Harry Potter sent a fiery glare at the manhandling, "Yes, sir."

"Malfoy's still outside?" Snape snapped, looming over Harry. Harry's widening eyes told him all he needed to know.

"Fine." Snape growled. He pulled up a pure black tapestry - on the dimly lit wall, it had just looked like another bit of wall. "Come along, if you must. Don't tarry."

Harry Potter had to trot to keep up, but he focused on being as quiet as possible. He wanted to scream and shout, not throw a temper tantrum. Well, not a two year old's temper tantrum.

"Albus," Snape drawled, as he emerged into the Headmaster's office, "It would appear that Mister Potter has decided to grace us with his illustrious presence." Sarcasm spilled off Snape in waves.

"Oh, how nice!" Albus Dumbledore said, completely dismissing the sarcasm. Harry wished he could do the same.

"Why isn't Snape allowed to attend the entire meeting!" Harry said, his teeth grit together with the effort of sounding remotely like a human being and not like some sort of snarling dragon.

"A Gryffindor in my corner. How unexpected," Snape drawled, his voice dry as autumn leaves.

"I'm serious! He's better at finding flaws in plans than the lot of them together!" Harry crossed his arms, and said, "He can have my place, if it comes to it!"

"While your concern is touching," Snape said, sounding not the least bit gratifying, and quite a bit more like he thought that Harry had gone round the twist. "I have come here today to review the Headmaster's memory of the meeting."

Harry stopped. Not quite frozen, more like a toy with its strings cut. He slumped into an overstuffed easy chair, "Oh."

"We're not that stupid, Potter," Snape said, in a soft and silky tone.

"While you are certainly welcome to stay if you wish," Albus Dumbledore said, "I think you'll find it quite boring."

Harry Potter sat there for a good while, anyhow. Staring off at nothing, and wondering how he'd managed to get this way.

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