Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 111

Harry Potter finished his juggling act with a backwards somersault that he spun into as he bent to pick up one ball and stepped on another. The audience echoed with laughter, some chortling, some with a more raucous beat - Harry could see, as he stood stiffly up and bowed, still rubbing his backside, that Zach Smith was laughing malevolently. Malfoy somehow looked superior, even while laughing. "Don't quit your day job." Draco Malfoy hollered.

"Our Turn!" Padma and Parvati said, standing up on both sides of Harry and tugging him down off the stage. They both returned to the stage, and snapped their fingers. Indian music began to play, and they did a mirror dance, displaying for everyone exactly how accomplished they were. Harry couldn't help but look at their hips, and breasts, as they swayed to the music, undulating in place and spinning like dervishes.

Wendy and Jill stood up, and took to the stage, singing a muggle song, "Love potion number ni-i-ine."

Who knew Collin Creevey could do magic tricks? Granted, they weren't good tricks (you could generally tell when he palmed the cards), but it was driving the purebloods absolutely crazy that he wasn't using a wand! Harry hadn't the heart to tell them that it wasn't that kind of magic. Besides, explaining muggle magic tricks to Ron Weasley would take hours.

Seamus and Dean were next, singing Weird Science. That got strange looks from everyone.

When had this become a bloody talent show?

From behind the whole audience (which was most of the DA), a Middle-eastern tune sprang up, and, as everyone turned around, they saw Blaise Zambini, looking like Aladdin himself, smiling a wicked grin. "Join me, let's have some fun." He called out, his hips swaying to the beat. "Nothing below the belt, otherwise, it's all fair game." Why - doesn't he just know he's the hottest boy in school? Well, if not that, at least the wildest. Who'd else have dared to suggest an orgy?

Lavender strode into the Harem, full of fountains and pillows and Arabic arches. "Me first," She said with a saucy grin, planting a kiss on Blaise's lips that lasted only ten seconds, yet wound up with them both twisting tongues.

"Who'll take this fine lady off my hands?" Blaise yelled, completely amused.

"I'll do that," Zach Smith said, oozing onto the dance floor. Pansy was next, and she took the opportunity to plant a kiss on Lavender's mouth. Harry, intently studying the developing scene, was nonetheless aware of panting boys around him, with wide eyes and hungry looks.

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