Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 212

Harry managed to get the rest of the class into the room without harming Hermione's latest organizational challenge.

She started class about five minutes after it was supposed to start, though everyone wasn't as pleased about it as she seemed to be.

"Wasn't this supposed to be Slytherin's turn?" Zach said, staring, strangely, at me instead of at Hermione. Wait, did he think - Hermione is her own person, and I do not control her.

"We're going to do this differently from now on," Hermione said, "Starting with finding the people with the best knowledge, and splitting our class sizes down. Research has shown-"

"Enough, enough," Malfoy said, "We get it, Gryffindor Granger thinks she gets to change the rules, without consulting anyone."

"Have you seen what I've been looking at here?" Hermione Granger said in a deceptively sweet cadence. Uh-oh, Harry thought, she generally reserves that for when Ron's been exceptionally daft.

From the looks of it, Malfoy knew that just as well as Harry did, "Can't said that I have, considering that you were ensconced in it. Frankly, I was afraid to be closer than a sneeze, for fear of disturbing... that." Harry swallowed a chuckle, noticing - not for the first time - that Malfoy was actually humorous, so long as he wasn't turning his barbed tongue in your direction.

"Snape wanted to remove these books from the Hogwarts library!" Hermione said, starting to get on a roll (by which we mean starting up her steamroller voice). Quickly and succinctly she explained first what had happened (including their dramatic rescue of the books, which got all of a sentence), and then exactly how much of a goldmine the books were.

"Where would you start first?" Malfoy asked, and Harry saw that by taking up the lead of talking with Granger, he was actively stealing it from Zach, whose arrogant nature would be most likely to disagree with Hermione just for the sake of disagreeing.

Hermione said, "Spells first, as they take a while to master. I have a list of spells here," Hermione waved her wand and duplicated it 50 times. "Mark off any which you know, and circle any that you are proficient at." Hermione breathed in, "I think we can all do some teaching, right?" Hermione being Hermione she didn't see Hannah shuddering at even the thought of teacng.

[a/n: Malfoy can be an ass, but he also knows how to control a room - and a conversation.

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