Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 325

Harry suddenly figured going back to his dorm was a very bad idea. He could, he could try, but that meant dealing with Ron.

Besides, Malfoy, for all he was a giant arsehole most of the time, had a point. A different point than he thought he was making, but still.

Harry was fairly certain Malfoy didn't know Snape had asked Harry to make the DA. Fairly sure Malfoy thought Snape was being serious about catching them (he wasn't, obviously, or they'd be caught).


Malfoy wanted to run one side.

Well, Harry had always liked black in chess. Go second, watch, wait, react.

Harry dug in his pocket, pulling out a galleon.

War Council time.

When the other side pounced, Harry wanted to be ready.

There were a lot of mouse holes around Hogwarts, weren't there? Harry began to slowly smile. This was going to be fun.

And nothing like last year.

Tomorow, they'd plan the war.

Harry slept well that night, finding himself as a cat - or a mouse, but either way, not interacting with anyone he knew. Which was good, because he really, really didn't want to be interacting even with Ron or Hermione - or Luna or Neville.

Among people who didn't sleep well that night: The silly girls Harry'd terrified with a death glare - and then subsequently stalked up to, and informed them that if they didn't stop thinking about him, that he'd visit them in their sleep, and it would Not Be Fun.

Harry had to smother a grin after that, but at least those girls would probably stop following him. He'd been lucky to dodge them so far, in fact. Lucky that no one had seen Malfoy dragging him bodily into an alcove. That'd lead to either awkward questions from Lavender (hopefully NOT about mechanics Harry didn't so much as want to think about), or a drop-down hexing fight between Ron and Malfoy. Also awkward, just differently so.

[a/n: Yay! Harry found a distraction! He still should probably talk to someone about feelings and all that, but, distraction!

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Finding it really cute that Malfoy's the one who nominates himself to go check on a hilariously Not-Fine Harry Potter.]