Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 135

"What are you thinking?" Harry asked, finally managing to approach Theodore Nott from the side.

"I'm not," Theo Nott said quietly.

"Well, Mister Nott, I think that's your problem." Harry's white smile flashed across his face, "It's rather hard to think of nothing with everyone else around."

Nott's dark brown eyes flashed up at Harry, looking at him suddenly, skeptically.

"Here, I'll help." Harry said, and he raised a hand.

Instantly, they were surrounded by what seemed like a wall, but wasn't... just darkness.

"What-?" For once, Nott looked bewildered.

"The room, for today at least, is configured to aid in teaching. As I required this, it provided." Harry Potter said confidently. *

Nott simply blinked at him, his face carefully blank.

"As I was saying, you might benefit from a lack of distractions. Don't mind me, I'll just act like I'm not here either." Harry Potter said.

Nott shifted uncomfortably, and then Harry started to talk, trying to keep his voice low and warm, mimicking as best he could Snape's cadence. "Peace is the absolute lack of everything, lack of motion, lack of people, lack of everything. Let me lower the light a little" Harry said, lowering it until it make a deep twilight haze. "Just close your eyes, and feel yourself extend, drawin into the world that does not move, just as still and just as solid." Harry kept talking, glad that Nott had closed his eyes without having to be told. "As solid as stone, as deep as the sea. As high as the moon, and then you're free." Harry reflected that it didn't matter quite what he said, as Nott was supposed to be focusing on other things; Harry just kept talking, conjuring solidity out of nothing but the wisps of dreams. When Harry's eyes caught Nott's breath slowing, his shoulders relaxing, Harry said, in a whispersoft voice, "Now cast."

Nott, having memorized the spell's casting, said firmly, "Expecto Patronum." His eyes were still shut, so he couldn't see the sudden shimmer of silver, brief as a blink, falling out of nothing, fading to nothing.

"Very good," Harry said quietly. "Try it again."

Nott nodded, very slightly, as he continued to meditate. "Leave it all behind, your body, your aches, your everything. Just picture yourself floating on a mirrordark lake."

Minutes passed, and Nott eventually cast again, successfully. His eyes were wide as he took in the falling shimmer - that lasted longer, and was softer than earlier.

"Ready to go back?" Harry Potter asked, and Nott gave a slow nod, his back turning ramrod straight as he pivoted to have his back facing the wall as they reappeared.

*Harry has no idea what sort of creativity and confidence it takes to convince the Room that this, in particular, was a good idea.

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Because Harry's the type to do impulsive things without telling anyone else.

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