Nobody ever asked my birthday

Sick of Arguments

Harry was sick of arguments, even lighthearted ones, so he was out of the Room Past The Doors before Hermione and Draco had finished their jocular, albeit physical altercation. He'd caught a shrieked, "You bastard!" on his way out.

Snape was there, watching them, seeming to be a statue. The pupils were looking wideyed at the room they'd appeared in, as it was definitely not where they'd come from. This was a smoking den, rich and brown and rusty red. Snape, even in all black, looked perfectly at home here.

Harry turned toward the last two doors, it was taking them a while... Harry just hoped that they didn't come out looking freshly snogged.

Snape had intentionally switched the loaves, for Malfoy and Granger. That was intentional. And he'd done it in front of ... well, frankly a lot of people. Harry understood Goyle, and thought he could understand Pansy - Goyle was loyal more to Malfoy than to, well, anyone else. It wasn't much of a stretch to think Pansy the same; or if she wasn't, that it would take more than money to get her to betray a fellow Slytherin.

And the DA folks were likely to keep quiet - particularly Bones, who seemed the solid sort. Parvati would be more likely to giggle to Lav about it, rather than anything else...

But Mandy and Morag? They weren't part of the DA. They were part of Snape's Squad, but didn't seem to be especially loyal to Malfoy. What does Snape know that I don't? Harry thought. Are they ready to leave, or will they be on our side? Harry suddenly realized that this was the sort of thing Snape had WARNED him about. His confounded curiosity... Maybe I can figure this out without being such a Gryffindor about it. Harry nearly grinned, relishing the challenge.

Malfoy and Granger exited at the same time, luckily not looking freshly snogged (Harry doubted Hermione would go for that, anyway).

Next, Harry took in the look in Malfoy's eye. He recognized that look - it was deep-seated rage, and Draco Malfoy was headed straight as an arrow towards Professor Snape.

It was almost relieving, in a way, Harry thought, to know that Snape could get under even a Slytherin's tough and warty hide. That it wasn't just Harry who could get spitting mad at him.

When Snape ordered them all out, Harry wanted to eavesdrop, wanted to know if Malfoy could yell like a Gryffindor.

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Light above, did someone suggest Snape was being friendly?

Snape does NOT do friendly. This was manipulative, and considerate and quite a bit conniving.

Also, Longbottom may have left out a crucial piece of information or two. Don't worry, you'll read about it. Just not quite soon enough!]