Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 79

With hands curled into fists, Harry continued to glare daggers at Draco Malfoy's positively infuriating smirk - but, truthfully, after about a minute of that, he had to stop and consider just what he was doing. Besides, it was getting boring. And he wasn't really - mostly - Harry thought he was more pissed at Snape than Malfoy, who was just - what was he doing? Taking advantage of the situation?

Still, Malfoy had on his trademark smirk - and, for once, Harry had the good sense to start picking at that point. Because that was about the last thing Harry'd expected Malfoy to be wearing. Arrogance, if he was on about the class, or a sly subtle smugness. This? This was too damn overt, was what it was. Which meant that Malfoy was hiding... which meant that Malfoy had something to hide. From someone, not necessarily Harry.

Harry felt like hitting his head into a wall, or something. Trying to think like a Slytherin was frustrating, and he wasn't terribly good at it besides. Trying to keep up the facade, himself, that he was still in a powerless rage - still not stupid enough to explode during Snape's class. He let his ears wander, and used his eyes' peripheral vision. The Slytherins were scheming - well, most of them. Millicent was gently hugging Tracey, even as she pulled her farther away from Malfoy. Surprisingly, it wasn't Nott or Zambini who were directly behind Malfoy - it was Greengrass, followed by Parkinson. They stood as if murdering or maiming their fellow students was the last thing on their mind.

The Ravenclaws, perhaps predictably, were arguing about who went up front. And the Hufflepuffs were being too nice - which meant that Zach Smith was first, even though he really wasn't nearly the dueler as Bones. The issue was the rest of the Hufflepuffs, of course, busy arguing about who was "really better than me" (yes, those exact words).

After five minutes, Snape strode through the classroom, sending a coin spinning sideways like a throwing star at the Hufflepuffs. "Just flip a coin," he snapped irritably.

"Make a decision, Ravenclaws, or you're all going to fail." Snape said cuttingly, "In battle, someone needs to lead. In a classroom, that's my assignment." Harry choked back a snort, firming up his glare at Malfoy - less so that Malfoy would be cowed, or even thinking that Harry was upset, and more to bolster other people's opinions of Harry. Because Harry couldn't just be waiting in class, not when Snape had just dropped Another Inquisition on them.

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