Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 316

Severus Snape had let his mind go blank, as soon as Draco Malfoy had mentioned just what exactly that bet had been about. It was a defense mechanism. He'd responded to Draco's questions by rote, the responses as automatic as not thinking.

It was only once Draco Malfoy had closed the door, and Snape had replaced the secrecy spells - not the same as with Draco, either. These were tinged with fire, explosive to any who dared to attempt to breech them, that he let himself begin to feel.

Disappointment was always a bitter pill to swallow. Snape knew that, knew he shouldn't have bothered with a child.

He was infuriated, but mostly with himself. Damnation! He'd thought he'd gotten through to the child.

No, it was plainly obvious he hadn't. What could possibly have possessed him to ask Draco Malfoy?! Of all people!

He'd let himself hope, again. He should have known better - all good things die, and all the quicker if they're around Severus Snape.

Harry Potter was impossible - had always been, truth be told. But, after this, Snape had to conclude that he was unsalvageable.

Snape disliked being wrong, admitting to being wrong.

But he had been very wrong about Potter, and his potential.

Snape let the dark emotions weigh on him, as he stared at his desk, for probably longer than he should.

At some point, he buried his head in his arms, feeling as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

Damn it all, he'd still have to have words with Potter, lest the fool think to ask more questions.

Snape's mouth quirked up in a display of dark humor, as he started to scrawl on the foolscap beneath his head. He knew just the punishment he intended to inflict upon young Harry Potter.

Not that Snape expected Potter to learn, no.

He wouldn't make that mistake again.

[a/n: What, did you really think Snape would go storming off to find Potter? Nope. Still invoking Snape's wrath will not be a pleasant sight, when it falls like an axe on Potter's head.

Snape, for the record is much more upset because of who Harry asked.

Draco is not in trouble, because he asked his mum, which was the right thing to do.

What do you think Snape is going to tell poor Harry?

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