Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 119

In a voice soft as a falling leaf, Hermione Granger said, "What makes you think we know that spell?"

Harry exchanged a brief glance with Hermione, their firm nods telling each other that no, they hadn't learnt it the summer before.

Hermione Granger continued, "No, we're not going to do this ourselves. You are right, that it does need to be done, but..."

Harry spoke up, trying to sound firm and blunt, "As often as I ask for help, I think in this case we'd better." Hermione nodded.

Draco Malfoy rolled his eyes, seeming to say that he'd already used up all humility in asking for this... option.

Harry looked at Hermione, who looked right back at him. They nodded in synch and said, "Dumbledore."

Draco Malfoy started to look squirrely at the mention of Dumbledore's name. "Um... Do... Really?" He managed to squawk out, his inarticulateness a sharp contrast from his normal command of the English language.

"Surely the Headmaster of Hogwarts has your confidence in casting a spell to remove your memories?" Harry Potter said sharply, letting his whims guide him into teasing Draco a bit.

"Of course, Potter, of course." Draco Malfoy said absently, his mind still clearly on whatever was bothering him.

Hermione chimed in, "You'd say that he has an obligation for any pupils under his care, and moreso to one of the Prefect-like entities, wouldn't you?" Hermione blinked a moment, and before Draco could actually respond, she was asking, "What ARE you calling each other, anyway?"

Draco Malfoy said, quickly, "Back to front. I don't know, I haven't really bothered naming them, so someone else's done it. I suppose he does have an obligation at that." Draco shoved his hands into his pockets, abruptly looking a bit frustrated. "I can't have anyone knowing I met with Dumbledore - not for any reason."

Harry Potter nods, "Say, we could keep that to ourselves - then?"

"I'd do it."

"Hermione, can you get the Headmaster?" Harry directed, and caught the quick, frustrated look on her face, as well as the trace of warning (she wasn't going to be too happy if Dumbledore arrived and Draco was completely busted.). Well and good, Harry thought I'd rather not give you some alone time with Malfoy, not today. One of you might get killed. or die happy, whichever.

Hermione left quickly, and Harry and Draco were left standing ... nearly together. Neither of them seemed to want to say a word, and Harry Poter luxioriated in the silence, that he'd only recently discovered he'd missed. For the twenty minutes that it took for Hermione to make it to the headmaster's office, and make it back (undoubtedly via a shortcut), they managed to not say one word to each other. Instead, they cast, softly and determinedly creating new forms and transmogrifying them into other things.

"Thank you, Miss Granger." Albus Dumbledore says, entering the Room of Requirement. "Well, I must admit, Mister Malfoy, that you have found a most fascinating exploit."

Draco Malfoy merely looked at Dumbledore, his emotions locked firmly beneath an icy mask.

"Mister Potter? If you might join Miss Granger in the hall, if I'm not mistaken, Mister Malfoy would appreciate a private word with me."

"You're not mistaken." Draco says, his voice sounding more brittle than his usual drawl.

Harry Potter brutally curbed his desire to stay, drawing his reins on himself until he felt sure he was drawing blood. "I'll just go then." He said stiffly.

"Should we try for a whisper?" Hermione said, conjuring a waterglass.

Harry frowned, considering, and then said, "Should be fine - if they didn't want us to listen, they'd have warded against it. Why don't you listen, and I'll keep watch?"

Roughly three minutes later, Hermione straightened, and said, "They'll be done soon. He's casting now."

"We should be down at the other end of the hall, heading downstairs as they emerge." Harry responded, well used to creating the illusion of good behavior.

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