Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 174

Friday had dawned wet. It was cool, but not cold, and Harry had grinned at the feeling of water on his feet as he ran through the grass in the morning. He was dressed in only shorts and a t-shirt, and probably was breaking about a hundred different dress codes. Not that it mattered, he was outside, and well before most people woke up anyway.

Not to mention, he'd change before heading back inside. He had a key to the Quiddich shed anyway, and yesterday's robes were inside.

He hadn't liked the feeling he'd gotten on Wednesday, when he was short of breath after ny jthree trips round , he hadn't liked it at all. Harry was reminded of how light on his feet Snape had been - running quietly alongside Harry, seemingly uncaring of the miles they ate under their feet.

After the fifth circuit, Harry'd completely stopped looking for Snape, though some deep instinct of his own told him that the Professor was doing laps as well. Harry was glad he wasn't trying to do the invisibility thing - his cloak was hot, and he didn't know any spells for true invisibility.

As he ran, he reviewed the day's potion (luckily, Snape hadn't shredded his Potions syllabus). He let his feet make impressions, as he came upw ith motions to cue himself on the various cutting methods. By the end, it looked like he was doing the twist. Harry could only hope his memory aids would actually work in class. Well, that and that he'd remember to not actually start singing "Twist Again!"

Because singing in Potions class sounded like a sure ticket to an entire month's detention.

"Mister Potter, you are disturbing the rest of the class." Snape solemnly intoned, "If you cannot manage to control yourself, you may complete the potion outside of class."

Harry fought not to wince, and instead just covered his face with his hand. I don't even know what I did wrong. Wait... use that. Harry's eyes flashed killing green, as he belted abruptly into Snape's looming face, "I don't even know what I did wrong!"

"You've wasted enough of the class's time, Potter. You are dismissed, and you will have detention tonight at seven." Snape drawled slowly, and it was only after Harry was out of the room entirely that he realized that he'd actually been assigned the same detention twice.

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