Nobody ever asked my birthday

Lost his marble

Harry felt the weight of the present like it was a thousand stone. It wasn't, of course. It had been light. He'd have put it up to his ear to see if it rattled, if that wouldn't have virtually guaranteed that one or another of the vast Weasley clan would have noticed.

"Breakfast!" Molly cried. And so they sat down to breakfast, one of wonderful and deliciously common delicacies. And occasional outbursts of Canaries. The twins had decided that Christmas would make the perfect opportunity to test, well, everything.

So it wasn't just canaries, either. Art's hair turned a lovely Slytherin shade of green, and Molly's nose had turned up (rather like Harry imagined Narcissa Black's did, when he was feeling uncharitable. It wasn't like that in real life, of course.) Bill had turned into a small dragon (that couldn't fly, to the twins' dismay), and Ginny had, with a smirk, sprouted skeletal wings. Harry was fairly convinced she'd noticed what her brothers were doing, and eaten it intentionally.

Everyone was taking it with good humor, the energy just a bit manic - nobody wanted to ruin Christmas by thinking of Percy, Harry thought suddenly. They're filling the gloom with laughter.

Sometimes, Harry thought, you did what you had to do.

As the breakfast was done, Harry excused himself to the facilities (having managed only to get some facepaint on his face, that said "Go Gryf." He'd helpfully kept any suggestions about the blue nature of such a statement to himself. He was sure the twins would have laughed, but Molly would have threatened to whack the lot of them.

In the bathroom, Harry unwrapped the present. Inside was a plain box, that opened from the top. Harry opened it, and found within it a small, somewhat thick cloth bag. It had a drawstring, which was closed.

Harry took a breath, wondering what could be inside.

Then he opened it, and looked inside. It was too dark to see, so he very gently upended the bag onto his hand.

A... marble?

Harry blinked at what he saw. Then, ruefully, he grinned, I'm going to have to ask him about this, aren't i?

This wasn't the type of present that he was supposed to understand, Harry was certain. Yet another way for Snape to act smug.

Harry didn't mind. Oh, sure, he was curious, and that meant he wanted to know now.

He could wait. Harry'd always been good about waiting.

Outside the loo, the twins cackled like hyenas.

Harry remembered the sort of care he'd taken with even the smallest things, as a child. He carefully wrapped up the entire gift again, wondering if Snape really meant the actual gift to be the bag. That would be something he might have done, Harry decided. I'll have to ask.

With it back in his pocket, Harry took a deep breath and tumbled back into the absolute chaos of Christmas Day with the Weasleys.

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