Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 299

The next morning, Harry came down to breakfast feeling, well, energetic. Bruised, a bit, battered, certainly, but energetic, too. 'Runs' did that to him.

He sat down and started piling his plate with pancakes. Looking up, as Hermione and Ron sat down (they were still bickering, but they always bickered), he frowned. "Has anyone seen Neville?" Normally, Harry wouldn't care too much, but these days... Even at Hogwarts, folks were in danger.

"Haven't seen him," Hermione said, with a frown of her own.

Dean spoke up from down the table, "He's been excused from classes. Said he'd take my notes."

Hermione sniffed, "I really don't see why he didn't ask me."

Seamus said, "Probably thought you were too busy, giving notes to these ingrates."

"Hey!" Ron said.

Harry just ducked, and then said quietly, "I resent that."

Lavender Brown, who liked potions, said, "Have you done your Potions Homework yet?"

Harry's face fell further. "Shite... Hermione-" He turned pleading eyes towards his friend.

Unlike normal, Hermione had her arms crossed, "Harry Potter, what in the hell have you been doing that you can't even be bothered to try your homework?"

Harry flushed, "There's a list." Frowning, he thought, "Detention, for a lot of it. Defense - and you know," He said, with a sparkle in his eye.

"You're going to do your homework next week, if I have to drag you there." Hermione ground out.

"You're the best, Hermione!" Harry said, not the least because Hermione always pulled double the books she'd need for the assignment, so Harry didn't have to figure out the library in addition to doing his homework.

Frantically, Harry started to copy, knowing he was probably only going to get half of the assigned length- he pulled out his own book to cross-reference, then threw it donw, and dug through Hermione's backpack, "Hey! Those are my library Books!"

"Sorry, I'll put them back... in juuust a minute." Harry said, frantically reading bits and pieces that he could weave together into something approaching coherency.

The rest of Harry's day, other than trying to survive potions, was spent dodging girls. Apparently they'd all, together, decided on an all out charm offensive. Harry spat, he kicked, he screamed; but they still grabbed him up, one by one, trying to corner him - why didn't girls understand how much he hated to be pinned down? It reminded him of the graveyard, for god's sake! So NOT Romantic!

By the end of the day, he'd managed to hold it together so that no one was bawling their eyes out at his rudeness. (He'd been plenty rude, but his temper hadn't blown. Small mercies).

[a/n: I had the scene where his temper did blow up on a Hufflepuff, and he gets guilted into going with her at the next School Dance. Then I remembered I just wanted one dance (for now, may change), and I changed my mind. So it's a good thing he didn't scare anyone into tears.

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