Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 131

Harry wasn't the first one into the Room of Requirement, nor was he the last. No, for once, he came in nearly precisely in the middle. Which left him standing, offbalance, as he evaluated the groupings. The Slytherins still seemed closed off, for the most part (It wasn't his to fix, he chided, knowing that he'd think about it anyway, because he couldn't help but think about it.). Blaise Zambini seemed to be making it his mission to be as open as all the other Sytherins were losed, his teasing smile a sharp contrast to Notta nd Malfoy's blankfaced stares. Harry didn't know how they managed to do anything BUT play poker, with faces like that! Maybe he should ask...

Hermione Granger bustled in, half a dozne papers flapping under her arm - and Ron Weasley had a few more. Scratch that, was that Lavender Brown, scowling at them? Jealous easy, much?

The Hufflepuffs entered in two groups - the girls strangely not giggling. And when the Hufflepuff girls weren't giggling, they had this stout set to their jaws, one that said, "I know who you are. And I'm not impressed." It kind of made Harry want to stand up straight.

Zach entered with the Hufflepuff men, his boasting voice cascading round the entire room.

Harry Potter, for all that ol' Snape often accused him of grandiosity, really disliked the boastfulness of the Hufflepuff. If Zach's pride hadn't gotten him the job of minding the whole show, Harry Potter would have been even more incensed with it.

Even so, he didn't particularly want to hear it, and sen this gaze casting elsewhere. The Gryffindors, aside from Hermione an Ron, were gathered together, talking and spinning tales. Harry's eyes moved past, finding the Ravenclaws (undoubtedly the first ones here), not grouped together, but in various places around the room. And with half a dozen different books. Harry'd often wondered why anyone else did a single thing toward running this club - wouldn't the -? Ah, no, Harry thought looking at Davies - A ravenclaw can generally outread any of the other houses, but that doesn't mean they've always practiced what they've read.

Harry'd seen that in action last year, of course, and he planned to help keep the Ravenclaws focused on the practical this year.

The Slytherins were spread out too, in a loose sort of cluster - the kind that was more difficult to actually hit, that that near huddle-hug the Gryffindors were in.

As a matter of fact, that gave Harry an idea...

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