Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 222

[a/n: Okay, so apparently Harry's Slytherin side is both very good at mental magic, and comes across as a gangly, overgrown puppy dog utterly without dignity. Don't look at me. He did it!

Hopefully the dog gets to show up at some point. It's got a different idea than Occluding.]

Harry looked at the top of his bedcurtains, his hands fiddling with his wand for lack of something better to fiddle with. No, he'd rather have a rubick's cube or something - at least then he could pretend that he was really doing something, rather than just fidgeting for its own sake.

What Hermione had said... and more importantly, what she'd looked like, was bothering Harry. He didn't want her to be all adrift like that - particularly because it was honesty his fault.

If He hadn't have said something, Ron would have continued to sink time and effort into vainly crushing on his best friend - for the simple reason that Hermione wouldn't turn him down hard.

And now Hermione was stuck thinking that she was all alone,and everyone else had a date. Well, Harry thought, there were ways to fix that.

Should he?

That was the question. And why he was fiddling here.

He heard the lightly heavy steps (so unlike Dudley's), as Longbottom came into the room. Harry lightly swung out of his own bed, "Hey Nevile" When you thought about it, Neville was the perfect choice - an utter gentleman, a nice guy - and, most importantly, not someone Hermione would fall in steamy hot love with. *

"Hey Harry," Neville said, starting to take off his muddy clothes. Good thing that Hogwarts had elves, Harry's hands were itching to clean up just at the sight. And Harry hated cleaning.

"You should ask Hermione to the dance." Harry said firmly.

"Why?" Neville said, glancing down at himself, before meeting Harry's eyes, "Has she said something about me?"

"well, no..." Harry said, "It's just, that she doesn't have anyone to go with..."

"Guess it wouldn't hurt to try..." Neville said, "Only... why didn't you just ask her?" Harry mentally winced, thinking that he really didn't need a crush on his best friend Right Now. No, that would just cause too many complications.

Harry smiled (he was sure it was a bit wan), and said simply, "Oh, that's plan B!"

Neville and Harry grinned at each other as they went to bed.

*Famous last Words, Harry!

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