Nobody ever asked my birthday

Asked the question

Justin asked the question that had been on everyone's mind (except Harry's, apparently), "Goyle, why are you eating that loaf, in particular?"

Harry was suddenly glad that the Hufflepuff had used Goyle's last name. Justin was a part of the DA - but, here, there were three Ravenclaw girls that served under Malfoy in Snape's Squad of Horrible Ravenclaws with Too Many Rules.

Oh, that wasn't the actual name, but Harry liked his better. So there.

It would have been a very tricky thing to wangle out of, why a Hufflepuff was calling that brute of a Slytherin by his first name. Harry's head twinged a the "brute" that he'd used, even in his own head. Harry hadn't found anything to dislike about Greg Goyle - his manners were even neater than Ron's, though he still ate as much as three Potters.

Harry'd spent enough time being mistaken for a criminal - it hurt to casually label someone. Particularly now that he realized just how stupid those labels were.

Even Draco Malfoy, Death Eater, didn't deserve to be labeled. Not like that, at any rate.

Git, impossible blighter, general berk.

He deserved those labels, and was quite welcome to them. Harry had the sudden, split-vision thought - would Malfoy agree that he deserved those labels? Harry nodded quietly, thinking, Maybe so, even. He's a lot different this year...

Goyle had finished chewing a large hank of bread, before he said another word. Manners. "First year, Snape pulled a sprig of buckwheat off my back. It had somehow stayed attached from my farm the whole way to Hogwarts." Goyle smirked, a look that was decidedly strange on his face. "You know Snape, couldn't resist making a crack about it," Goyle attempted to mimic Snape's voice, "Did you have a pleasant roll in the hay on your way to Hogwarts?"

Everyone laughed at Snape's gruff voice attempting this politeness, and utterly failing to be pleasant about it.

Goyle grinned, "He remembers I like buckwheat!" Five years later, Harry thought. Could he say the same about McGonagall? Did she remember something small about each of her pupils? Maybe not...

Malfoy continued, "He really does like buckwheat. He's the only one I've ever seen eat the buckwheat griddlecakes." Buckwheat griddlecakes? Harry thought, a bit confused, Our table never had...

Goyle responded, "Had ta ask for them special, but the house elves will make anything if you're nice to them." I'd like to try those, at some point. Better if I asked the house elves for my own, though, than to sit at Slytherin's own table!

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