Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 243

Harry Potter was trying to keep a rein on his temper. Really, he was. But the Gryffindor common room, after supper, is generally one of the most chaotic places on the planet. And it was no exception today, except for the minor fact that the Twins had graduated. This was aptly filled in by their Weasley Products. Harry Potter just wanted to sit somewhere and read a letter from them, really. They'd been great to have around, and he missed them - not their jokes. Thing of it was, jokes were more fun in the playing than in getting played - and now everyone could really, really easily play pranks.

Not that he'd normally begrudge a laugh or two - particularly at his own expense. But... today he was in a mood, and...

Harry Potter yawned noisily, saying to Ron (who'd been sitting beside him, but greedily eyeing Seamus and Dean playing chess across the room). "I'm gonna kip in." Ron nodded, and Harry wound up upstairs before he realized he hadn't even seen Hermione yet today. He didn't let himself worry, though. It was Hermione - trouble fled from her as if it realized exactly what a nightmare she'd be to trouble. Trouble wasn't her middle name - People often claimed it was Harry's, but he'd eventually realized that only Sirius deserved the title. Harry deserved Danger as a middle name, but it wasn't like he wanted to be in danger all the time. Or any of the time, really. It just found him.

Harry had wanted to yell, earlier. He still did, really. But it was late, and it was a better idea to build up a fresh head of steam tommorrow morning. Now if he could just. Get To Sleep.

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