Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 223

Harry Potter well knew that Hermione had enough books to go on a crusade.

He knew something else too, though, and that was that Ron and his ilk would tire quickly of new spells.

Yes, it was sad to say, but true.

"My turn, Hermione" Harry said quietly but firmly before class.

"But why? I have all of these lesson plans written up..."

"Snape's given us something more wide-ranging, and I think most people will fail the assignment without some actual group homework." Harry gave Hermione his best pleading look.

"Alright, fine. But I'm going to demonstrate some spells at the end of class."

"I'll try to hurry," Harry said with a grin, part of him laughing at Hermione's dedication, and a different part exulting that it was Snape who had them here. He wouldn't catch them and take off points the way Umbridge would have.

As everyone filed in, Harry noticed that students still had a tendency to congregate around their own Houses. He didn't like that. He wanted to see people... well, getting an appreciation for others. It was easy enough to think of Luna as the epitome of a Ravenclaw, or Sue Bones for Hufflepuff, or, well he had to guess himself, sadly, as the epitome of Gryffindor. Which was silly, when he thought about it: wasn't the hat trying to send him to Slytherin? Harry'd have to ask someone else, he thought, maybe Hermione.

"We're going to do something different today."

"Why's that?" Zack smith said.

"Because it's Gryffindor's turn to teach, and I'm not letting you flunk Snape's course. Whatever he's calling it today." Harry Potter said, trying to keep his voice reasonable.

Malfoy snorted, somewhere behind him. Harry wasn't sure if that would help or not. Didn't particularly care either.

"So, today, we're going to form teams, and try to come up with the most creative solutions to the problem."

"I call Goyle!" Crabbe said firmly. Harry couldn't blame the bloke. Goyle was actually (reportedly) good at the subject. And Crabbe looked like the only thing he was good at was pounding nails. Hm, maybe he was good at wizarding history. He certainly didn't seem to be good at magic.

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